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Augusti 2017

In the video below Deborah Tavares speaks about smart meters and the agenda behind it.


Deborah Tavares:

A smart meter is a global deployment of the world grid. Now when we think of the term smart meter that will be the first device that will be deployed on all of our homes and that meter is generally outside of your homes. It’s what your utility meter reads on a monthly basis to give you your bill on your electric consumption. All of those meters nationwide on every building, every structure even if you’re in the woods. No matter where you are. They are planning to put these smart meters on your property. Now what this does is that it opens you up 24/7 – 365 surveillance in your home. While we were saying this for the last year, the CIA finally admitted that even last week in the newspaper.

Deborah Tavares with the homepages and
Deborah Tavares with the homepages and

They have been deploying hundreds of thousands of these smart meters nationwide already. People have been fighting back. This is what this show is all about – to fight back. It’s about when rules and regulations doesn’t serve us. This is when we have a cabal that has been organized for so long to usurp and control humanity . It might sound bizarre but those of you that are listening know that there are som many bizarre things right now that is occurring. I wanna bring about our website which is I want you to look at the military document that we have posted there from the freedom of information act.

The reason I wanna talk about the military document and how it has to do with the smart meters that are now being deployed. They know what these smart meters are going to do to us. This technology is the underpinning of the smart grid, was intended as crowd control by the military to be used to distract its targeted crowd. We are the crowd. This is maximum surveillance, crowd control and unfortunately the levels of radiation that will be pumped through our homes we will become victims. And we got to stop these meters from being deployed on our houses. How we do that is that you immediately put signs on your meters, do not put on a smart meter.

You need to call your local utility company and find out when they are going to start deploying these smart meters in your neighborhood. Many people have not heard about this but your utility company has. Your utility companies are working on global mandates to do this. This is being orchestrated by the mega bankster corporation worldwide. The global bank and the controlling families of the world. This was hatched back in the 1930’s and you can go to out website and I urge everybody to watch the video called “technocracy”.

Technocracy will talk to you and tell you how they planned this back in the 1930’s. But the people then would not allow such measures of control. Unfortunately for them they didn’t have the technology available that we have now, that is allowing this to be rolled out by the thousands every single day on us. And so the success of this network, they are putting on every home is going to be determined by us whether we allow it or not. Is going to require that eventually all of us replace all of our electric appliances, your electric toothbrush, your refrigerator, your oven and your stove to those appliances that have RFID-chips. The amount of data that is going to be collected on each and every one of us is enormous. This data is going to be gathered in a new facility in Utah that is being built right now. It’s over one million square feet and it’s being built to collect global data on every single person.

The ultimate goal of this data collection and data harvesting of our personal information is to ration, turn off your appliances, whenever they decide that you have used your allowed amount of energy. Resources of all sort, not just electricity. We’re talking about your gas, your water and we’re also talking about waste. This is all planned to be part of a global collection of information and absolute control of everything you do in your home. You will never ever live in your homes the way you have lived before the smart meter was attached.

Not only will it collect the data that breaches all wiretapping across the united states. But the radiation when all this appliances has these RFID-chips will make you sick. In the document is says that they know that these smart meters will cause adverse affects in humans, will cause cancer and reproduction dysfunction. They know that radiation has similar effect as drugs on our biological systems. It will affect our brain tissue. The microwave heating will mimic a fever. People are getting sick. We have thousands of people who have become so sick just from the smart meter put on their home.

They know that our immune functions will be greatly affected. They know that it’s lethal for some people. They know that people will have ringing ears, they will have confusion, short-term memory loss, inability to focus, allergies. The list is enormous. What we have right now is that we have scientists and engineers with technologies that are running amok. This is going to change society, our economy globally forever. This is going to spread the availability of energy resources globally, distributed globally, and to all countries. This is a standardized grid. So what that means that in the U.S. we have three distinct grid areas: we have the east coast, the west coast and Texas. We will become one standardized grid. We will become one with Mexico and Canada. We will be hooked up together. It will be orchestrated and equality distributed. The ultimate goal of this grid network will be to issue carbon credits allowances to each of us.That will designate the amount of energy consumption we can use.

And when we learned about this and we saw this in their documents, we were horrified to the extent of this grab for power and absolute control.But what we realized was that the foundation in what all of this is based upon is based upon the assumption that global warming and the requirement to reduce the CO2 emissions and green house gas requires that this will be immediately done. Now I can say that there are huge organizations with literally thousands of employees, thousands of offices worldwide. And they are there to fulfill this grid. And one of these organizations which is a major player is called IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers). And they receive funding, not only from the U.S department of Energy and the World Bank (which is Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan) but also from Yahoo, IBM, NASA, GE and the list goes on.

And I wanna say that their association the IEEE is dedicated to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. This organization is the worlds largest technical professional society, designed to serve professionals involved in electrical, electronics computing fields related to science and technologies. And their interest is expanded beyond. They also are involved in micro, nano-technology, ultrasonic, robotics, electronic materials and many other facets of designing and shaping the globe. They are allied with professionals all over the world. And they are about 400 000 members in 160 countries.

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