October 2020

In the lecture below David Icke talks about the globalist’s agenda: a one world government, a central bank, a world currency and a world army. The end result is centralization of power. The lecture was held in Cardigan, Wales in 1995. The lecture is called “The turning of the tide”. The text below is an transcribed excerpt from the lecture. 

David Icke says that there are a few people that are working towards the centralization of power to a hand of fewer and fewer people. One method these people use to  control others is by fear or by conditioning them how to think. They come out with statements like “WHO says this and that, get vaccinated, you’re a bad parent if you don’t”.  And the same people that are spreading messages like that starts earning a fortune on vaccine. The same force apparently controls the different organizations.

Video above:  in 2020 the WHO’s Mike Ryan wants to go into peoples homes and find the people that were sick, remove them and isolate them. WHO is a Rockefeller creation. 


One technique that is often used is Problem – Reaction- Solution. The technique works like this: you start to secretly create a problem in the world, and making sure someone else is blamed for it in the public mind. It could be a run on a currency, it could be a government collapse, or it could be a war. You then use the media to wind up public opinion in relation to your manufactured problem to the point when public opinion utters the classic words: “something must be done, this can’t go on”. The problem makers offers the solution to the problem they have created  which results in that the people give  their powers away to the people that created the problem. Get people frightened and the people will look for someone out there to protect them. They will demand that you take their freedoms away. Problem – Reaction – Solution. In Bosnia they used this technique. A 60 000 man strong world army was created to “handle the problems” of Bosnia.

The two world wars in the 20th century was funded by the same people, they funded both sides of the conflict.  The forces that funded the Allies in the Second world war also funded Hitler with loans. The fundamental purpose of war is to change the the nature of post-war society. The idea of the two world wars was centralization of power. “This must not happen again, something must be done about it”.

david icke_new world order_globalism

Was 9/11 a typical problem – reaction – solution? With 9/11 the U.S. was  able to start the “war on terror” (which in retrospective was “the war of terror”).


The goal of this manipulation is to get the majority of the world population to accept the creation of a one world government to which nation states would be principalities, a world central bank which would  administer all financial transactions globally, a world currency which would be a cashless currency, a world army with nation states armies dismantled under the guise of “seeking peace” and a micro chipped population.

The power structure works as a pyramid. In every organization you have a very few people at the peak of the pyramid. That group know what the organization is all about. The further you come down that pyramid you’re meeting more and more people that knows less and less about what the organization is about. The CIA calls this method compartmentalization. The Freemasons is a classic example of this. The banking system is a pyramid, the intelligence networks is a pyramid. At the top of this intelligence pyramid  – CIA, Mossad, MI6 are all the same organization. The global media is a pyramid network.

There is a global pyramid where the top of all these other pyramids comes together and it’s speculated that that peak is 13 families or 13 people. And this top pyramid is pushing the world against more and more centralization of power. In this top pyramid there are a couple of organizations that’s forms the core of the secret government of the world. These groups makes sure that their people get into positions of power. Who decides who will become the president of the United States? Those who control the money and the media. Same people control both. They decide who runs for both republicans and democrats.


There is a secret society called The Round Table which these other global organizations is formed around. In 1919 American and British members of the round table decided to create organizations which would institute the secret government of the world. In the 1920’s they put up Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London  also known as Chatham House. These organizations are often portrayed as think-tanks. In 1921 the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) was created in the USA. Since 1921 virtually every president of the United States has been a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

council of foreign relations_john kerry

Democratic politician John Kerry, member of CFR and Skull and Bones.


In 1954 the Bilderberg Group was established. Prince Bernhard was member. President Chairman of the Bilderberg Group was Lord Carrington which later became Secretary General of NATO. Lord Carrington and Henry Kissinger comes up everywhere, they are gofers of this world government. The Bilderberg Group have among them the top people in global politics, the top people in global banking, the top people in the multinational companies network, the top people in the global military (the Secretary General of NATO is always present at their meetings), the top people in the global media. Once a year the Bilderberg Group meets somewhere around the world with a lots of people attending from all over the world. All is done in secrecy. Rockefellers is fundamentally involved in this. Represents of the house of Rothschild are always present on the meetings. 

bilderberg group

Protests outside a Bilderberg meeting in USA 2012.


Another of these organizations is The Trilateral Commission (TC). The Trilateral Commission is about USA, Europe and Japan. The Trilateral Commission was set up in 1973 by David Rockefeller, which is a key name behind the Bilderberg group and Council of Foreign Relations, and a guy called Zbigniew Brzezinsk. In 1973, one goal of The Trilateral Commission was to put one of their men in the White House as president. That was accomplished with Jimmy Carter. Carters administration was full of members of The Trilateral Commission. The coming Reagan administration was also full of members of The Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations. The same goes for the Clinton administration. 


If your attitude is the right attitude for the people that control these organizations, it’s amazing how your career can sour after you’re invited to these events. In the early 70’s an unknown Margret Thatcher got invited to some Bilderbergs meetings. She ended up as Prime minister of Britain. She created “Thatcherism” and at the same time over the Atlantic we had “Reaganomics” which is the same kind of politic. Coincidence?
In 1991 Arkansas governor Bill Clinton was invited to the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden Germany. Within a year Clinton is successfully running for president. In 1993 Tony Blair was invited to the Bilderberg meeting in Greece together with his opponent Kenneth Clarke. Within a year Tony Blair is leader of the Labour party and then became Prime minister of U.K. The head of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn, and many of his predecessors were  members of the Bilderberg group. The World bank and their engagement in the third world has created human-and environmental mayhem for decades.


One of the big Bilderberg policies since 1954 has been the creation of an European super state with one central bank, one currency, centralization of political power and encompassing the former Soviet Union. Chancelor Helmut Kohl of Germany was a Bilderberger, as was many of his predecessors of Germany. Edward Heath , former Prime Minister of U.K, took Great Britain into the EU –  Bilderberger. Harold Wilson supported the idea – Bilderberger. Joe Grimond supported the EU-idea – Bilderberger. The European Union is a stepping stone towards a world government.

european union_bilderberg group_EU_globalism

The EU started as a economic cooperation in the 1950’s and is now heading towards the United States of Europe. The end result is centralization of power. The European Union is a creation of the Bilderberg Group.


If you stay in the “comfort zone” and consent to “the norm” you will be left alone. Nobody will accuse you of being different. When you step out of the “zone” you will be attacked. So most people goes back to their zone, they don’t want the fuzz. The mainstream media is the police force that reacts if anyone leaves the zone; mainstream media makes sure no one breaks “the norm”.

Why aren’t we informed by the mainstream media about these secret meetings? Regarding Telegrap News here in Britain we have Conrad Black which is a steering committe member of the Bilderberg group. News International former executive chairmen  is Andrew Night, Bilderberg Group. The Washington Post are owned by Cathrin Graham, CFR, Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. Key members of Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and many other publications all around the world are controlled or owned by members of these organizations. None of these newspapers mention these groups – isn’t that funny?


Regarding the Bosnia war the first EU peace negotiator appointed was Lord Carrington (President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, chairmen of the Bilderberg Group, member of the Trilateral Commission). He was replaced by Lord David Owen (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission). Owen was then replaced by Carl Bildt (Bilderberg Group). The United Nations peace negotiatior was Cyrus Vance ( Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission). Vance was replaced by Thorvald Stoltenberg (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission). Then there was an “independent” peace negotiatior – Jimmy Carter (Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations). The persons behind the Dayton-agreement was Richard Holbrook (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations). His boss was the Secretary of State Warren Christopher (Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations). Who then answered to Bill Clinton (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations). We are looking at a gigantic con trick – before our eyes. We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a one party state. 

carl bildt_bilderberg group_ royal institute of international affairs_ EU

Swedish politician Carl Bildt on a meeting at Chatham House (Royal institute of International Affairs). Bildt was a negotiator at the Bosnia conflict. Bilds is a member of the Bilderberg Group.


Photo: 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/european_parliament/


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