This text is from an interview that Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice radio did with David Icke. The title is “The Real Agenda of the European Union”.  Here David Icke talks about the origin if the European Union and where its heading. EU has been planned a long long time and the end result is centralization of power.

David Icke:

The European Union was planned long before the name was even mentioned. Long before the European economy was mentioned. It goes way back and involves the house of Rothschild, and one of the other elite families is the Habsburgs. Otto von Habsburg is involved in the manipulation of the European Union long before it was ever mentioned. The idea is very simple. If you are the few and you want to control the many, you have to centralize decision-making. You have to centralize power. So the idea has been for over thousands of years to centralize power and decision-making.


 They have similar plans for the rest of the world. They have the African Union, they have the North American Union and Asian-Pacific Union. The European Union is the blueprint. And this was the next stage when they started bringing the nations together under centralized control. So now a few bureaucrats  in Brussels are dictating for the nations. The next stage for that is a world government  which will dictate to the unions.

As with all of these manipulation of societies you see the outcome. We have the Lisbon Treaty which in effect is a United States of Europe.  That is the outcome at the moment. Actually is started decades and decades ago. Way back at the early part of the 20th century. One of the major front men of the creation of the European Union was Jean Monnet who were a front man of these families. He was used as the orchestration and administrator of this European economic community as it was then. He wrote to a friend that

“The idea is, that not to tell anybody  that what we want is a centralized superstate. But what we do is that we keep on moving to that and give an economic excuse why the different stages  leads to more centralization. And we will come to a point where there is no way to return from the union”.

Below is the interview by Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Radio done in 2009 in Gothenbourg, Sweden



This is a classic method on how to start a totalitarian state. You know where you are going but if you take gigantic leaps then the change is so dramatic and quick that people will look up and ask what’s going on. So you make leaps that you can get away with but not too much. They’ve done it brilliantly. Recently they have made it more difficult for the people to have referendums on different subjects. Right now many people are looking at the European Union and where it’s going and feel unease about it. The people in Netherlands and France said no to change the EU-constitution and that was a big make up call for the elite. They realized that if you give the people the opportunity to say yes or no to this creation of this Untied States of Europe, then overwhelmingly you will get a no. That’s why they change the name of the constitution to call it a “treaty” and kept 98 % of the constitution in the Lisbon treaty. That was to have an excuse not to have a rerun on the Dutch and France referendum because they knew they would say no again.


The arrogance and the agenda of this cabal is that public opinion is totally  irrelevant. And if public opinion is going to say what you don’t want them to say, you don’t give them the chance to say it.   In Ireland of course, thanks to the Irish constitution, they had to have a referendum on this Lisbon Treaty. And the Irish said no. What happens then is, we can’t call it something else, so we got to get the Irish to give up that decision.

In a normal cause of events, you have a referendum. the referendum decides and everybody gets on with their lives. And if that first referendum in Ireland had said yes to the treaty, that is exactly what would have happened. But as I have said over the many years, if it’s the agenda it doesn’t take no for an answer. And you know when it’s the agenda because it won’t accept the public outcome of a referendum, so we have a second one. What happens then is that they go to town  big time and all the areas they need to change to get a different vote. One of the thing that happened in Ireland was the people who decide the media policy decided that in the second referendum the TV-stations and the media didn’t have to give equal time to the yes or no-vote. They only had to give equal time to every party. And there was only one party that wanted to vote no. So the yes-parties got all the coverage.  To be honest, if that vote hadn’t been a genuine no – which I think it wasn’t, they would have manipulated the Count.


Because these people doesn’t take no for an answer. So what we now have is a situation where a group of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, appointed by other bureaucrats, controlled by the elite family network, are now going to decide on the policy and the structure of the European society. Because what is going to happen now is once this power is secured, we are going to see the speed of European central control just be unleashed. Massive of centralized of power-dictatorship from the center is going to happen. we’re going to see a European databases over its citizens. We will see European laws etc. The Irish have voted not to have the option to  vote again. What we have now is that we have an European  government which has almost total power. Right now 75 % of the laws in UK are made in EU. What’s gonna happen now do you think? It has been coming a long time and some people have seen it and other people have been watching the soaps and the sports.

The EU is like a spiderweb. The purpose is to tangle you in the web like a fly so you can’t move. And of course ludicrous  bureaucrat is part of that. I have spoken in Croatia several times. And I’ve said it’s like tanks lining up on your borders. And they are waiting to invade as soon they have OK to do so. The invasion is not tanks and weapon, it’s bureaucracy, laws, rules and regulations dictating the fine details of your life. They explode this words and clauses and sub classes across many pages of legislation. And the politicians that vote for it have never read it. We had the politician Kenneth Clarke who openly said he never read the Maastricht Treaty even though he fought for it. The cabal doesn’t want independent politicians. They want them herded together so they can be controlled. If some politician doesn’t vote as rest of the group, that politician know that his or her career is over. In England we have politicians that goes around and threaten their own people if they don’t vote as the party want them to.


Tony Blair is the classic front man for this whole conspiracy. He has no values, he has no sense of decency, he has no empathy with other with the consequences of his actions. And wherever he has been in power war has followed. The ten years he was prime minister in Britain he took the country in to war after war, in league with the United States. Both controlled by the house of Rothschild, that’s why they move as one unit. And that’s why Mossad and Israel move as one unit with England and Washington. Tony Blair will implement anything they tell him to implement.  Tony Blair has been given enormous  amounts of  money for doing nothing then advising JP Morgan bank. And he’s got payback for services he did when he was prime minister of United Kingdom. If Tony Blair becomes the president of EU. He would take the European Union in to a war.


What we see now is that the EU-movement is getting faster so that the people are starting to see what happens. More and more people are realizing that we are being controlled. We are seeing at the European Union and all its organizations of power are becoming bore and more blatant that they are dictatorships. The border that has been crossed with the Lisbon-treaty are going to take us to an era where vast majority of people will realize that we are seeing another version of  dictatorship.  How we respond to this awakening will decide how long this dictatorship will go.

Rothschild took control over the global economic system. They control all finance globally. They hand out the agenda and make sure it’s played out. They control governments.  The think tanks are the tools which this thing is orchestrated. Club of Rome was there to set up to manipulate the environment to justify global transformation. It’s where the climate changes debate comes from. Barack Obama was just another mask on the same face. The Bilderberg group is very important in the creation of the European Union.   These groups try to create a common view among different countries.  They try to coordinate views and policy. The Bilderberg group has been one of the main manipulators of centralization of power in Europe.


We had a person who was a Satanist and child killer called Ted Heath (Edward Heath). He was the prime minister in England during a couple of years in the 70’s. He was the guy that signed England in to the European community. And he knew what the EU  would be like. He was an obsessive campaigners for getting England into the EU from the sixties.  Ted Heath had agreed – while he at the same time denied it in public – to get rid of the British fishing industry, to get rid of the British agriculture, to get rid of manufacturing industry. The elite have had the plan to turn the whole Europe into a single unit. They have decided which part in Europe which would specialize in what. Britain would concentrate on service industries like insurance and banking and finance. Things like agriculture and so forth in England had to be get rid of  that because that would be run somewhere else then Britain.


The Margaret Thatcher government targeted the coal industry in Britain because of that. So now we don’t have a coal industry. England is an Island and our fishing industry is being decimated by European Union law. People can see that their country are changing and they wonder why? It’s because it’s being all prepared for  where we are.  The idea is to break the countries of Europe in to regions. The purpose is to deunify. Groups that are trying to unify people are being targeted. One of these unification forces is the sense of nations. So what we are seeing is the bringing down of borders. So that people from other countries can pour into other cultures. Why that is happening is that the plan in to destroy any sense of nation, any sense of unique culture.

I’ve seen articles that says “what is it to be British anymore?” And that’s the idea – to break down the national identity. All this is part of destroying the uniqueness. So you got this blob-mentality which we call European. Their purpose is to deunify.

Why does Israel have so much power? Why is it the biggest recipient of “american aid” when it’s one of the richest countries? Why does Israel has one of the biggest fleets? How come Israel can have a considerable arsenal of nuclear weapons? Why do they refuse to sign treaties to take away nuclear? The house of Rothschild controls Israel, it created it. It created a political philosophy called Zionism. The reason that Israel is the biggest recipient of american aid and military support is because the house of Rothschild  takes the money from the US and gives it to Israel.

The Jewish people in general has been mercilessly used by the house of Rothschild  as a front that they can hide behind”. 


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