Mars 2017

 EU wants  to implement a common corporate tax within EU.

In the video below the UKIP EU MEP David Coburn talks about the EU-commissions scheme of a common corporate tax within EU. David Coburn belongs to the EFDD-group in the EU-parliament.

” You come once again with the same old idea that was criticized in the past. To install a common consolidated corporate tax base. The EU-commission says the base is necessary to create a  taxation system with more transparency. But what it really means is the first step to a super national  fiscal union. Secondly the EU-commission wants a common EU-list of so-called non-cooperative tax jurisdictions. This is a system for blackmailing more competitive countries and making them fall into line.  If you could use tax competition between states, theres is no incentive to keep the public service efficient. And the government will continue to plunder taxpayers hard-earned money. The good news for the UK taxpayer is with a hard Brexit, out of the single market and fiscal union, the UK can reduce corporate tax to ten percent. Making us massively more competitive than the overtaxed EU.”.


EU-commission Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.

EFDD-group in EU-parliament

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