rima laibow_codex alimentarius_united nations_food supplements
rima laibow_codex alimentarius_united nations_food supplements

April 2017

Dr. Rima Laibow on Codex Alimentarius and World Trade Organization. The lecture is from year 2007.


Little you and little me are not served by Codex in the least. So before we go forward and talk  about the rest of what has to happen, let’s ask what Codex Alimentarius does. You probably all know about the vitamin and mineral guideline that was ratified on July 4th. You may not know that although it is says that Codex guidelines, regulations and standards which have been ratified are voluntary. They are not voluntary. That is known as a lie. They are mandatory but they are not fully mandatory until December 31:st 2009. They sort of kind of little bit mandatory now and they’re totally mandatory then. So what does Codex Alimentarius do? Why do I care enough about codex to close my practice and stop treating patients who came to me from around the world to help them regain their health and be radiantly well with non-toxic means. Lets talk about the vitamin and mineral guideline first. In 1994 here in the United States DESHA – the dietary end Supplements Health and Education act was passed. The act classifies nutrients and herbs as foods. As foods you can set no upper limit on them. You cannot set an upper limit on lettuce, lamb. And similarly, you cannot set an upper limit on vitamin C, Echinacea, ginkgo , Vitamin D. And access to nutrients is freely given to us. We are allowed to have any nutrients we want. Under common law, anything not forbidden is permitted. Codex Alimentarius on the other hand is a Napoleonic code law system. Under Napoleonic code, anything not permitted is forbidden.



In 1994 we passed DESHA. nutrients and foods, we can have as much of them as we want, it’s our business. In 1994 Codex Alimentarius, with no notice in  media, the United States, declared nutrients to be toxins, poisons. Dangerous industrial poisons. As poisons, we have to be “protected” from them. How do you protect somebody from a poison? You use toxicology. You use a science called risk assessment. Risk assessment is that first you take the substance that’s poisonous and you feed it to animals and you determine the dose that kills fifty percent. That’s called the ld 50. And you extrapolate what the ld 50 for a human being might be. Then you go down to the other end of the dosage range and you start feeding tiny bits of it to the animal. And you come up with the largest possible dose, the maximum permissible upper limit that can be fed to an animal before a discernible impact is shown. Then you divide that by a hundred. That’s how they do it in risk assessment. And now you got a safety margin. So you got one one-hundred of the largest dose that can be given with no discernible impact. Nutrients under Codex Alimentarius, not only are limited to those nutrients on the positive list. And we anticipate there will be 18 of them. They do include fluoride. Which to my knowledge as a physician has absolutely no biological benefit whatsoever. But fluoride does make people emplacement. Fluoride was first used in the Gulag. Because it was discovered that prisoners who were fed fluoridation water were complacent. And you could do anything you wanted to them. They were easy to manage. So you have 18 nutrients, you have little doses that are determined scientifically to have no effect on any human being. In this country we have a problem.We have DESHA, we got to get rid of DESHA in order to harmonize with Codex Alimentarius.


So how do we get rid of DESHA? We attack it legislatively of course. And there are five bills currently before congress, designed to overturn GATT, invalidate and otherwise get rid of DESHA. Once DESHA is gone we can harmonize with the vitamin-and mineral guideline. So what we’re talking about is waking up one morning and be very surprised to find that high potency therapeutically, effective, clinically nutrients are now illegal, in the way that heroin is illegal. Not available with a description – illegal. If these nutrients have any impact on the human body, they are illegal. That’s just the vitamin-and mineral guideline. Lets’s talk about milk. We have  recombination bovine growth hormone. And now we can choose milk with it or milk without it. Butter with it or butter without it. But not under Codex. Because under Codex, every dairy cow on the planet, must be treated with Monsanto’s recombination bovine growth hormone. Furthermore, under Codex, every animal used for food on this planet, whether it has fins,feet or feathers, every animal on the planet must be treated with sub clinical antibiotics, must be treated with exogenous growth hormones. Codex requires mandates that all food be irradiated unless it’s eaten locally and raw. Including organic food of course. Is it organic afterwards? Well of course the organic standards are incredibly low. The organic standards allow a farmer to use veterinary, including growth hormones, antibiotics on animals. And then at his whim reclassify them as organic. But farmers are our friends and they would never do that right?


Codex sets limits for the dangerous industrial chemicals that you can have in your food. And the limits are incredibly high. Go to  Codex Alimentarius homepage and look in the drop down menus. Look at the toxins and the veterinary chemicals and the levels that are set. They are terrifying. The names of the chemicals that are permitted and the amounts of the chemicals that are permitted are terrifying. In 2001 there were 176 countries including U.S. that  got together and they said there are 12 really bad organic chemicals. They’re called POPS – Persistent Organic Pollutants. There are a lot of them but there are 12 that are so bad that nobody could disagree that those 12 pops had to be banned worldwide. Nine of the 12 worst organic chemicals known are pesticides. And of course we have many processes and enzyme systems that are very much like insects and other pests so they’re not to good for us. Bud Codex Alimentarius has brought back seven of the nine forbidden pops. And the food that is imported from other countries that contains these substances cannot be stopped at our borders. Because otherwise it would be a trade violation. That’s how Codex Alimantarius works. Codex, according to the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization joint projections. If you do the numbers in the WTO and FTO projections, they estimate that just the vitamin-and mineral guideline alone, when it goes into global implementation will result in a minimum of 3 billion deaths. One billion through simple starvation. Those folks who dies are not particularly economically successful from the point of view of the corporations. The next two billions , they will die from the preventable diseases of under nutrition, cancer (the single most profitable condition ever known to human kind), cardiovascular disease – a good second, diabetes. Who will live ? Probably those people who are wealthy enough and powerful enough to have their own pushers of clean food and nutrients. You and I? probably not. Our children? probably not.


So we’re talking about food regulations that are in fact the legalization of mandated toxicity and under nutrition. It will be illegal, it there’s a famine somewhere, to ship high nutrient density biscuits to that country. And it will be illegal to distribute them. Codex is big and it’s bad. But it’s not invulnerable. So the point is that we have to protect ourselves and I believe that we have to regain global leadership which we have lost. Just joining the WTO surrendered our sovereignty. However I have a team of constitutional lawyers looking at the following question: are we members of the WTO? Because the way you get a treaty to be a real treaty is to have it ratified by a two-thirds majority of the Senate. And the way we got into the World Trade organization was they passed a law allowing Bill Clinton to fast-tack us into the World Trade organization. That’s not a treaty.
Picture in your mind a wasp or a bee-trap. Where the insect voluntarily goes down the funnel and then can’t get up out of the trap. That’s codex. A regular law can be overturned, it can repealed, it can be corrected by another piece of legislation. But once we become codex compliant in any area as long as we are members of the World Trade organization it can never be repealed. Because we have lost the sovereignty to become un-codex compliant as long as we are in the World Trade Organization. So it’s very important that we make sure that we don’t become codex compliant. Every country in the world has to be codex compliant in order not to get hit by the World Trade organizations sanctions, if they’re members. What does codex compliance mean? What it mean is that the format, the issues and the subjects covered by codex guideline standards or regulation have to be addressed in the countries guideline standard or regulation on the same topic. What we have done is create the first of many alternative codex guidelines. It’s a legal challenge to the policy of the U.S. government on codex.




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