Bart Staes is MEP in the European Parliament. He consider that CETA should be rejected because of the the private court system called ICS – Investment Court System. When Steas committee investigated TTIP they rejected it. This because of ISDS/ICS and also because of the fact that the treaty would undermine the EU-member states right on issues like health, food, environment.

Bart Staes says that this also goes for CETA.


British EU-MEP:s are also critical towards CETA. Berry Gardiner – a Labor EU MEP – means that the secrecy regarding TTIP and CETA is unacceptable. Gardiner has read the TTIP-treaty and there was no guarantee against negative effects regarding workers right, environmental protection and agriculture. Gardiner also dislike the private courts in the treaty – ICS – Investment Court System.

EU MEP Max Andersson has read the CETA-treaty and says that there is no guarantees of protecting things like the environmental issues, consumer protection och the rights of the unions.

 The only sane thing to do is for politicians to say no to CETA so it can be abolished.

One can also watch the documentary TTIP:might is right. That documentary is about NAFTA – the treaty between USA, Canada and Mexico – which has been disastrous for Canada.


Greens -EFA on CETA
Nessa Childers on CETA



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