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April 2018

Will Sweden become a cashless society? Many countries in the world are marching towards a cashless society. Some countries in the forefront of a cashless society is Sweden, India, Denmark to mention a few.  What are the advantages or disadvantages of a society without cash?

Will Sweden become a society without cash? Many countries in the world are moving towards a society without cash where only digital currency is the case. Countries like Sweden, India, Denmark are amongst countries where cash is used less and less. What are the pros and cons of a society with only cashless payments or transactions?


Sweden is one of the countries that are mentioned many times regarding the subject of a society without cash.  I am myself a swede and unfortunately I can confirm that cash are getting more and more rare in Sweden. Many shops, stores announce that they have stopped accepting cash as a payment method. Many banks in Sweden refuse to accept cash. Some government libraries have stopped using cash.  The movie-owner SF Bio only uses digital payment if you wanna go to their cinemas.  It’s common that restaurants and grocery stores has a cash register which only accepts card payment. Many consumer electronic retailers in Sweden have stopped using cash.  On busses in the city of Malmö you can’t use cash as payment, only digital payment is allowed.  In media we can see credit cards company’s having ad’s  on the “benefits” of the cashless Sweden. Mainstream media are using predictive programming so that all swedes gets used to the idea of a cashless society. The private banks in Sweden are making it very expensive for shops to handle cash so that the shops will be forced to use only digital payments. The banks are also getting rid of tha ATM:s in Sweden so it gets harder to withdraw cash. Scientists and other “experts” are preparing us for the cashless society.  So what are the dangers with a cashless economy? Let’s have a look.

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“Cash is not accepted” is the message you can get if you visit a Swedish bank. The extreme political correctness of Sweden is making it moving towards a cashless society. The only political party that wants regulation on mandatory cash handling is the left party in Sweden.



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When we are talking about  a society without cash or cashless Sweden, let’s have a look at an interview that Alex Jones from Infowars did with Aaron Russo. Aaron Russo was a film producer that became friend with Nelson Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller revealed the plan of the global elite regarding the cashless society. Alex Jones from Infowars interviews Aaron Russo in 2006.

Aaron Russo:

The ultimate goal  that these people have in mind is the goal to create a one world government run by the banking industry. The Euro and the European Constitution is one part of it. Now they’re trying to do it in America with the North American Union. And they want to create a new currency called Amero.  The whole agenda is to create a oneworld government where everybody has an RFID-chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips. There’ll will be no more cash. And this is given me straight from Nelson Rockefeller Anytime you have money in your chip they can take out whatever they want to. They just deduct it from your chip digitally. If you are like me and you and protesting what they’re doing, they can just turn off your chip and you have nothing. You become a slave.

Nelson Rockefeller told me 11 months before 9/11 that ever happened, that there was going to be an event, and out of that event we’re going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines from the Caspian Sea. We’re gonna invade Iraq  to take over the oil fields and to establish a base in the middle east and make it a part of the new world order. There’s  going to be this war on terror which there is no real enemy and the whole thing about “war on terror” is a giant hoax. 9/11 was done by people in our own government, in our own banking industry to perpetuate the fear of the American people and to subordinating themselves that anything the government wants them to do. and to create this endless war on terror. Another lie was to go into Iraq and to get Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. The whole war on terror is a fraud. It was 9/11 that started the war of terror. And until we get to the bottom root of 9/11, we’ll never know about the war on terror.


A cashless society is obviously a matter of democracy because otherwise we are totally in the hands of privata banks. Personnally I consider it to be discriminative not to be able to pay with cash. The only solution is to legislate on mandatory cash handling.



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