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United Nations Agenda 21 is an action plan for sustainable development. In this article you can read Rosa Koires on Agenda 21.

United Nations Agenda 21 is an action plan for sustainable development. Basically Agenda 21 is about environmental issues. This is a lecture that Rosa Koire held in Denmark in 2013. Rosa Koire talks about United Nations Agenda 21 – sustainable development.  This is part one of Koires lectures.


Koire says that United Nations Agenda 21 sustainable development was agreed upon by 192 nations in 1992 in the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Agenda 21 is a global plan but is implemented locally. It’s the agenda for the 21st century. Agenda 21 enables and justifies monitoring and metering and restricting our energy usage and our water usage. And they use smart meters. The agenda  creates a carbon tax on industry and ultimately on us as individuals. Its destroying our roads and dams. Agenda 21 is instituting data-collection and data-sharing in energy uses, schools, health care, law enforcement and in every part of our lives that has formerly been private. The agenda is diagnosing a huge part of our population with mental illness and drugging us. It implements sustainable development in our schools systems with start from kindergarten. People are getting indoctrinated in the school system.

rosa koire agenda 21 united nations

Rosa Koire from the 2013 conference in Copenhagen



To implement Agenda 21 Rosa Koire says that they need crises.

Regarding Agenda 21 we have two major crisis that enables this agenda. The first crisis is global warming or climate change. The planet is in danger, the sea levels are rising, lifeforms are threatened and its is ALL OUR FAULT.

Here’s an example  from a local newspaper from the area where I live.

“It’s hard to deny that the earth is functioning well over capacity. Like an overworked horse it’s simply a  matter of time before the global organism collapses”.

Our selfish greedy ways have almost destroyed the planet they say. And here comes the United Nations to the rescue, they’re gonna save the planet. In 1987 the World Commission on Environmental Development (Brundtland-report)  came up with the book entitled “our common future”. From this book came the expression “sustainable development”.

United Nations asked for a “solution” to the “problems” that was presented in the Brundtland-report. And In 1992  World Commission on Environmental Development came with the solution.  The solution was Agenda 21 – sustainable development. This book is a green mask.

rosa koire agenda 21 sustainable development

The package of Agenda 21 and sustainable development.


The billionaire Maurice Strong was the chairman of World Commission on Environmental Development. Strong defined what was unsustainable: the middle class lifestyle, single-family residence, private vehicles, appliances, air-conditioning, meat-eating, tillage.  That means that if you’re into organic farming or you simply want to raise something on your land it’s not gonna happen. You’re gonna need a 250 000 dollar seedinjection-machine. Because you need to inject those seeds into the earth. The optimum way of growing food is gonna be in a downtown building.

Agenda 21 is about economy, ecology and social equity. The key to this plan is data-collection and information-sharing worldwide. How else can you monitor how people are balancing their environment, their economy and their social equity. Agenda 21 impacts economic, transportation, housing, land use, health, education, water, energy, food-production, privacy and security.

They are seeking to create islands of human habitation. That’s where we will be. islands of human habitation means dense housing surrounded by buffer zones and corridors for animals. The idea is to collect human being into concentrated city-centers.

U.N. SUMMIT 1992

Koire says that In 1992 there were 192 nations that agreed to adopt Agenda 21. It’s a global plan and the goal is to implement this agenda into all public and private policies and activities. In 1993 when Bill Clinton took office he created the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development. All countries created their local Agenda 21 to implement it locally. Agenda 21 it a beautiful framework for totalitarian control.

Who were on Bill Clinton’s Presidents Council on Sustainable Development? some members were heads of industries. There were representatives from Enron, BP, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Novartis. There were also non-profit organisations like the Worlds Resources Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense fund, Worldwide Life Council and the Sierra Club. This brings non-profits organisations and governments together to implement policy.

Agenda 21 enabling the changing of every land use document in the world to require high density housing in city centers. So that we can be more easily managed, controlled and surveilled. Agenda 21 means loss of personal and national sovereignty and a global transfer to megacorporations. It’s called corporatocracy. It’s a global totalitarian state and it is in progress right now. It’s a stealth plan in plain sight.

There’s something that is called communitarianism. under communitarianism the individuals rights are balanced with the rights of the community. The community rights will go before the individual rights.

Koire means that Agenda 21 is the action plan and inventory and control of all land, all water. all minerals, all plants, all animals, all means of production, all construction, all energy, all education, all information and all human beings.  Agenda 21 is a transition from representative governments to governance by unelected boards and commissions. Agenda 21 is the erasure of jurisdictional boundaries and the loss of private property rights and ultimately your own body.  Agenda 21 leads to the loss of sovereignty and freedom – for all of us.



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