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May 2019

United Nations Agenda 21/2030 for sustainable development. The plan to use the idea of climate change to implement  a supranational government run by the United Nations. 

The lecture below was held by Rosa Koire in Denmark 2013 where she talks about United Nations Agenda 21 and sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a predecessor to Agenda 2030.

Rosa Koire:


In 1987 the World Commission on Environmental Development (WCED) came with the book “our common future”. From this book came the term “sustainable development”. The definition of sustainable development is “development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. In 1992 the WCED  came with the action plan for sustainable development: Agenda 21.

Maurice Strong was the chairman of  the WCED in 1992. Strong defined what was unsustainable:

  • The middle class suburban lifestyle.
  • Single family residences. 
  • Private vehicles.
  • Appliances. 
  • Air conditioning. 
  • Meat eating. 
  • Tillage. 
  • Breaking the earth surface.

The optimum way of growing food is going to be in a big structure in the center of your town where your food is growing. Agenda 21 is about economy, ecology and social equity. The key to Agenda 21 is data collection and information-sharing worldwide. They want to create islands of human habitation – that’s where we will be. Dense urban cores, surrounded by buffer zones and corridors for animals. The idea is to collect human beings in to concentrated city centers.

rosa koire agenda 21 united nations_agenda 2030 sustainable development


Agenda 21 is communitarianism which means that the individuals rights  are less important than the community. Its all for the common good. Agenda 21 is based on Hegelian dialectic,   which means that a crisis must exist and here is the solution. When it comes to Agenda 21 the crisis is global warming/climate change. They say that the planet is in danger, that the sea levels are rising, life forms are threatened and its all our fault. It’s a culture of emergency. They say that our selfish greedy way almost have destroyed the planet and here comes the United Nations to the rescue.


The goal of Agenda 21 is to implement sustainable development in all private and public policy’s and activities. In 1993 when Bill Clinton took office he created the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD).  All countries created their local Agenda 21 to implement it locally. What Agenda 21 does is that is brings non-profit organizations, governments and corporations together to implement policy. They’re using land-use plans to implement the agenda because the  way to control the population is to controlling land. PCSD came out in 1996 with a legislative guidebook on sustainable development that is now in every university if you studying planning  and in  every single planning department in the entire USA.

NGO’s are at the bottom of this bureaucracy. Agenda 21 use therms like capacity building, strengthening community, consensus building, vibrant walk able, transformation, livable. They have children’s guide to Agenda 21.   The books tells parents and educators how children can be a part of Agenda 21. According to Agenda 21 life in the suburbs or the rural areas is unsustainable because we produce too many greenhouse-gas emissions. If you live in a house – you’re bad. So they want to bring you in to the city centers so that you are more sustainable. They gonna build smart growth. They want you in a high density development. That means apartments and condos a top of shops in the center of town. You got your bus lane or a train. In the ally you got access to a single car per unit. At the front you got a wide sidewalk so that you can have coffee. You’ve got a bike lane. Towns are being rezoned and redesigned to high density development.


Agenda 21 was agreed to by 179 nations in 1992 at the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. In the U.S. the  Sustainable Development was implemented by George Bush Sr and it has been supported by every president ever since.  Agenda 21 is a global plan but its implemented locally. Agenda 21 justify monitoring, metering and restricting of our energy usage and our water usage and they use smart meters for that. Agenda 21 institutes a carbon tax on industry and ultimately on us as individuals. Its destroying our dams. Agenda 21 institutes data collection and data sharing in energy usage, schools, healthcare, law enforcement and in fact in every part of our lives. Agenda 21 inserts sustainable developments principles in our schools system, from pre-kindergarten to postgraduate school. Agenda 21 enables the changing of every land use document  in the world  to require high density housing in city centers. The sovereignty is transferred to global corporations. It’s a global totalitarian state and its in progress. Agenda 21 is a stealth plan, you wont see it named very often.

Anyone in the USA that talks about Agenda 21 is considered  to be a conspiracy theorist, an extremist. The world press have denied  that Agenda 21 exist.  Agenda 21 is the blueprint to inventory and control  all land,  all water,  all minerals,  all plants,  all animals,  all means of production, all construction, all energy, all education, all information and all human beings. Agenda 21 is a transmission from representative government to governance of unelected boards and commissions. Agenda 21 is the erasure of jurisdictional boundaries and the loss of property rights.


The Wild lands Project. This is a project of the World Resources Institute and the Wild lands Network. The plan is being implemented throughout the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The idea is to create huge corridors for animal movement.  The idea is to move people and activity from rural and suburban areas. Agenda 21 is rural cleansing. The way to kick off people from the rural areas is to monitor your well, to restrict your access, to pulverize your roads to gravel, to stop your postal service, to take away your schools, they don’t maintain your bridges.  The economic collapse was engineered to bankrupt people, to move you into the city centers off your land.

Social equity equalize the economics of the world.  This have an negative effect on the developing nations. It’s about artificial scarcity restrictions.  They’re using the cover of environmental concern that we all have, the rigid control of a totalitarian state in in progress right now.  The other factor they use to implement their agenda is terrorism. 9/11 was the catalyzing event that was used for this purpose.  They had the Patriot Act all written. 9/11 was created to lock down the world. All totalitarian states share the same characteristics: total control of property and the means of production, total information, surveillance, loss of free speech, restricted movement and it’s all for the common good. The individual is selfish. You use too much, you eat too much. They say that everything is going to be great when we have sustainable development worldwide. The war on terror is a war on you. When you look at the smart grid and the smart meters you ‘re looking at a gigantic information tracking and control system. Designed to control all electric, gas, water and information systems in the world. Including your personal data, your health care data. That is the smart grid. Smart meters can be shut off remotely. Remember that when you dissent. You made a scene at the local government meeting and suddenly your water isn’t working anymore.

agenda 21 2030_sustainable development_ the united nations
The book “rescue Mission Planet Earth ” which introduce children to Agenda 21/2030


The international body for Agenda 21 is called International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). In 2013 179 cities in Europe are members of ICLEI. The purpose of ICLEI is to implement Agenda 21 worldwide. ICLEI is an policy and legislation arm of United Nations. The goal is to use the green mask of environmental concern. Another part is the Wild lands Project. Getting people of the rural land by blocking access to wilderness roads and resources and shifting landownership from private to public.  When the land is in public hands it can be shifted into other private hands – to  large corporations. Here in Denmark, in the year 2000, the Danish planning act was emended to commit all municipalities to the development of the local Agenda 21 strategies.

In 1995 Zbigniew Brzezinski said:  “we cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The pre-condition for eventual globalization is progressive regionalisation. Thereby we move into larger, more stable, more cooperative units” like the EU. EU started as a trade agreement. They use harmonization to get control over systems. They’re militarizing the police force. Globalization is the process of developing worldwide uniformity in social, political, economic and environmental controls. It’s the rise of the city state. You’re gonna lose nations. In the US we now have mega-regions. These are large cities. The way that I found out about Agenda 21 was that people was not allowed to use their own land.  Agenda 21is  a project of the Fort foundations and the Rockefeller Foundation. They’re creating regionalisation and world government. They use trade agreements to destroy the boundaries and you are being stopped to make local laws that brake those treaties Such as TTP and TTIP.

The United Nations policy on land use was established 1976. The policy says: “land can’t be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals and subject to the pressure and inefficiency of THE market”. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable. There are plans all over the USA with the purpose to regionalize areas. You want be able to build a house in the rural areas of San Francisco.  This cult of urbanization is a war on rural people. The corporations want a mobile workforce. They want release of all regulations on moving products across boundaries and they want low wages. In China they have ghost cities and they’re moving the rural populations there against their will. These cities have full surveillance capabilities.

Rosa Koire:

“All totalitarian states share the same characteristics: total control of property and the means of production, total information, surveillance, loss of free speech, restricted movement and it’s all for the common good”



Surveillance is essential in implementing Agenda 21.  Siemens Corporations is in smart meters, smart grid, they own water, they fund ICLEI, they fund sustainable development, they’re in high speed and light rail. Siemens is implementing Agenda 21. IBM is working on bio metrics to identify you. You want your money out of that ATM-machine? General Electrics (GE) is doing smart grid. In Utah they have built large data collection centers.  All data goes through there.  Five corporations owns the mainstream media. University of California have 500 courses on sustainable development. Agenda 21 is the most brilliant takeover of the world ever. You will not see tanks rolling down your town. Pretty soon you wont have a private vehicle cause gasoline cost.  

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