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September 2019

The globalists want to enforce The Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is a part of United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development. In the video below the christian author Paul McGuire explains that the Green New Deal and Agenda 2030 could result in a disaster.

Video above from the platform Brighteon: Paul McGuire talks about The Green New Deal and United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development about 20 minutes into the video. 

paul mcguire_agenda 2030 and the green new deal_united nations

Paul McGuire. 


Paul McGuire:


The Green New Deal comes from socialism and communism and its going to be the Titanic. Globalism, socialism, Marxism, communism all ends up in the same place  and it’s not paradise.  The Green New Deal is based on United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development.  Agenda 21 was the pilot program from the UN that later created Agenda 2030. Agenda 21 is a radical reconstruction of planet earth. Maurice Strong was the chairman of agenda 21 and Strong was a hardcore occultist and deeply involved in new age spirituality. 

The idea of the Green New  Deal is to destroy all fossil fuels, all gasoline production, all oil production. Anything  that could potentially pollute the air or the planet is outlawed or illegal. Anything that causes our economy to run, prosper and thrive will be made illegal. When you stop oil production and gasoline production you are going to wipe out  at least 40 % of our food production. If you shut down your energy production you are also shutting down your food production and you will have mass starvation in America.  If the Green New Deal is enforced in America  it will shut down every energy production you can imagine, including the transportation of food through trucks which use gasoline.  Energy production is tied to food production so now you have a nightmare.

green new deal_united nations agenda 2030 and sustainable development_Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the profile associated with the Green New Deal. According to Paul McGuire The Green New Deal has the potential to shut down all the energy production under the guise of “protecting the environment”.


 The globalists have a plan they call “Americas Eco-cities”. That sounds good, doesn’t it?  One author said that these Eco cities should be called “sustainable prisons”. They plan, by 2030,  they will move the total of 4 billion people into what they call Eco-cities with controlled environments. These are sustainable cities and they will  regulate how much water, energy, food and production is allowed. The game plan of the globalist elite  is to squeeze  so many people as they can in these Eco-cities and they want 4 billion people in these Eco-cities until 2030. This is the United Nations in action.  They want to shut down the suburbs and they want you to live in  a tiny weeny apartment. Have you noticed how many TV-shows promoting how cool it is with these tiny apartments. The plan for the Eco-cities is called “Destiny”. 

 In your Eco-friendly apartment they gonna mandate LED-lightning and solar panels. They say that the Eco-cities will sustain a population of estimated 250 000 people with 10 000 residential units, and 7 million  square feet in commercial spaces. That means that the Eco-cities are gonna be jammed packed. They are building these small Eco-friendly apartments already in Los Angeles. These Eco-friendly apartments doesn’t have any spaces for parking or garage so they’re forcing everyone that move in to these Eco friendly apartments to only drive bicycles. They are  brainwashing people to accept a lifestyle of a Chinese communist peasant and that  you would  be happy to live in a 500 square foot apartment  and that you cant have an automobile. That’s Karl Marx communist dream, not the American dream. 

Video above: commercial for Eco cities. 



The number one trigger for  anarchy, riots, civil war, revolution, social unrest and violence is when food availability crashes. When you cut food production, this is what you get. The entire purpose of the Green New Deal is to use it as a pretense or  Trojan horse  to take over the entire U.S. economy. That is communist revolution 101.  They know themselves that the Green New Deal is going to create chaos and they want chaos cause chaos will bring in a socialist revolution so that they can take over our whole economy. The communist manifesto says that the state has to take over all means of production. The Green New Deal would mean a super super regulated society and this is what the green new deal promises to do. The purpose of the Green New Deal is to reduce the world and the U.S.  production of oil, coal and  natural gas  by 85 %.  If they succeed with their Green New Deal and they reduce  coal, oil land natural gas production  then we don’t have anything that produce power to our food and run our cities.  The windmills are not operational or they are not enough, we wont have any other way to get energy, we don’t have an industry to replace that power. 

“The idea of the Green New  Deal is to destroy all fossil fuels, all gasoline production and all oil production”.

Paul McGuire


Why do  you think George Soros is so interested  and spent so much money in legalizing marijuana  across the United States? He wants you high because people that are high on marijuana and other drugs can not thing intelligently, clearly and rationally and they don’t have the ability to critical thinking. That’s why George Soros wants people high. Stoned people cant see the obvious and the obvious is that if we have a 85% cut in energy production half of the people of the planet will die off. Soros  wants you high because he is about to launch a socialist revolution in America  in which the Green New Deal will pass. Soros is not gonna win that goal if America is sober minded.  The globalist elite wrote on the Georgia Guide Stones that they wanted to reduce the population  from 7 billion to 500 million people and the Green New Deal is the way they can do it. 

george soros_agenda 2030_green new deal_marijuana

Good ol’ George wants you high.


United Nations Agenda 2030 comes from Agenda 21.  Agenda 2030 is gonna totally transform the world because they say that the greatest threat is climate change. The great threat of climate change is going to give them the cover, the excuse,  to make you do things that you would not normally do. United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development will radically affect your life, your children’s life and your future. This is the biggest revolutionary plan  to completely redesign  every nation on planet earth. This massive transformation has never ever happened before and its all centered around United Nations Agenda 2030 and sustainable development, or the New Green Deal or Agenda 21, or climate change.  

The people that really control planet earth from the beginning have always used an occult slogan which is “order out of chaos” and that includes manufactured crisis. Obama for example often talked about manufactured crisis.  The crisis provides the excuse  to get people to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  “Order out of chaos” is the literature you will find in freemasonry. Order out of chaos is the mechanism in which you create revolution.

Then we have these scientists that say that climate change is a fake. They believe that the Agenda is really about to centralize political power and create a powerful global government and what  do you think coming with that? These are the globalist elite, the international bankers.  There is no scientific proof whatsoever that man made industrial pollution  in the sense of carbon emissions  is the cause of climate change. That’s a false theory. 

agenda 21_wildlands project_climate change hoax_ united nations

The plan is laid out in the book Global Biodiversity Assessment. In the picture above – which is from that book –  the red areas will be totally wild land and depopulated. The yellow areas will be buffer zones and slightly populated. The black dots will be the mega cities where the Americans will be stuffed like cattle. The goal of United Nations is to force people from rural areas into Eco-cities under the argument of “climate change”. 


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