Germany will have parlamental election 2017. AfD is the sussesful newcomer. Unfortunaley Angela Merkel will make another run.

MOVE ON. Germany will have parlamental election in autumn 2017. The newcomer AfD- Alternative for Deutschland – is a rising star. AfD have had success in state-elections while Angela Merkels star is sinking. In the EU-election in 2017 AfD got seven mandates. The leader of AfD is Frauke Petry who is a professor in economics.

 At the same time the superglobalist Angela Merkel is unpopular in her homecountry. Much because of the one millions refugees that she has imported. Merkel is also a strong supporter of the new world order and I guess the germans has recognized that loss of sovereignty isn’t such a good idea.
The video below is an interview that Russia Today has done with Frauke Petry.

Here are some of the political issues from Alternative for Germany.

AfD started in 2013 as an euroskeptic party. They want Germany to leave the euro. They don’t like the idea that stronger EU-countries will pay for the weaker EU-countries. They are open to introduce the old currency D-mark again in Germany. They think that the owner of the banks should pay for their own failures and not the taxpayers.

AfD isn’t  EU-supporters. They consider that EU is to bureaucratical. They want more local referendums in Germany. They dislike the idea of an centralised european government. They dislike the “stabilisation programs” that the international bankmafia is using in weak EU-countries. They want to strengthen the borders of Germany.

AfD dislike Germanys refugeepolicy and would like to put a stop on it. Frauke Petry says:

– United Nations has said that they want an worldwide distribution of refugees. EU-commission says that there shouldn’t be any country with it own unique people. They want us to see the current refugeemigration as something normal.

Alternative for Germany dislike the sanktions against russia. They want to have a good relation with russia. They dislike Natos provocative exercises beside russias borders.

AfD dislike Islam and says that is difficult to integrate islam in Germany. AfD dislike the EU-deal with Turkey. AfD wants to strenghten bordercontrols on Germany and they consider the Schengentreaty to be a failure.

I wish Alternative for Germany good luck in the German election 2017.


Alternative for Germany homepage

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