April 2017

The EU-commission wants to implement a social protocol or a European pillar of social rights within EU. This would give EU even more power.

The EU-commission wants to have a social protocol or a European social pillar within  EU member states. This plan is part of EU:s social dimension. A European social pillar means common rules among EU-countries regarding welfare, working rules and so on.

So what is the European pillar of social rights  (EPSR)? Jean-Claude Juncker says:

“The pillar of social rights should be a self-standing reference document, of a legal nature, setting out key principles and values shared at EU level. In turn, this could serve as a framework to screen employment and social performance in the light of changing work patterns and societies”.

In November 2017 there will be a EU-summit in Gothenburg Sweden regarding the European pillar of human rights.


It looks though that everyone hasn’t bought the nice promises from the EU-commission regarding the European pillar of human rights. In the video below MEP David Coburn from the EFDD-group in the EU-parliament gives his opinion on the European pillar of social rights

” Surely if you got an economic mess you cannot possibly improve people’s social conditions. That is complete common sense. Otherwise its economic illiteracy. Could you expand or explain to me why, if you got a catastrophic economic situation, you can’t possibly help people’s social movement or improve their social lives. The best way to improve social rights is to have a booming economy. Everything else I think is nonsense. Could you please enlighten me how to reverse gravity. I really like to know”.

The Swedish politician Anna Kinberg-Batra isn’t that fond of an European pillar of human rights:

critique_opposition_protests_anna kinberg-batra_european pillar of social rights_social protocol_EU_sweden_jean claude juncker_common rules_EFDD_david coburn_nigel farage_
Swedish politician Anna Kinberg-Batra isn’t that impressed by a European pillar of social rights


-I don’t we should build such a pillar. The European Union is a house that has stood firm in sixty years. But now the ground is shaking, because of Brexit, and I think it’s the wrong time to build more floors on the house. We should focus on our basics”.

EU-MEP  Fredrick Federley:

– If this European pillar of social rights become a reality then Sweden’s wages will be controlled and our collective agreements of workers rights will be undermined.




So is the European pillar of social rights a good thing? Well if you like Brussels to rule your country’s welfare system, your pensions, your workers wages, your unemployment rules, your health care, your education and so forth, then the European pillar of social rights is a good thing. But if you on the other hand would like your own country to decide these things without interference from the EU, then the European pillar of social rights is a bad thing. Why?

The European pillar of human rights IS NOT about improving conditions in your home country, it’s about raising the power of the European Union.  


There is only one group in the European parliament that is really EU-skeptic and that group is the EFDD-group with Nigel Farage. EFDD stands for European Freedom and Direct Democracy. In the video below we see Nigel Farage debating in the Eu-parliament. 



EFDD-group with Nigel Farage


By Zinneke (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Per Pettersson from Stockholm, Sweden (Anna Kinberg Batra 10) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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