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July 2019

The installation of 5G in EU-countries is done because of directives from the EU-commission. In year 2025 the whole EU will be covered by 5G according to the EU-commissions 5G Action Plan. 

The EU-commission says that digitization is not a choice but a necessity. It cannot be stopped but needs to be accompanied. In the video above from 2018 the EU-commissionaire Peter Stuckman talks about EU:s plan regarding 5G and Internet of Things.In 2013 the EU-commission created 5G PPP which is a cooperation between EU, telecom companies and other partners related to the 5G-project.   In 2016 the EU-commission came up with the 5G Action Plan which is about the deployment of 5G in Europe.  The target  of the EU 5G Action Plan is to have commercial launch in 2020 and in 2025 have comprehensive deployment of 5G in whole of EU, all cities will be covered and all bigger transport paths.  They working right now (2018) on corridors where there is 5G everywhere. They have (2018) 25 pilot 5G-cities.  The deployment of the cells will be done simultaneously throughout Europe. The purpose of the installation of 5G is to create smart cities which will operate on smart grids. 


“To ensure early deployment of 5G infrastructure in Europe, the Commission adopted in 2016 a 5G Action Plan for Europe with the objective to start launching 5G services in all EU Member States by end 2020 at the latest, followed by a rapid build-up to ensure uninterrupted 5G coverage in urban areas and along main transport paths by 2025″.


 The installation of 5G in EU means that billions of wireless 5G-transmitters will be deployed on light poles, traffic signals, building roofs, road signs, billboards and more. Since the 5G-frequency is short range they have to deploy transmitters close  to each other, about 500 feet.  Because of the fact that  5G-signals  are short range they will have to cut down trees for the transmitters to be able to reach.   Every possible area will be covered by 5G: schools, parks, industries,  public spaces etc.  Nor EU nor any other country have done any health analysis of 5G even though its well known that 5G will be unhealthy. Since 5G is a global plan it is rolled out simultaneously in the western world. In the U.S. the telecom-companies have gotten rid of regulations of deploying transmitters so the transmitters can now be deployed outside your house.

5g transmitter lightpole

The picture above shows a 5g-transmitter on a lightpole.

5g sverige_strålning_wi-fi_trådläsa nätverk_cancer

5g-transmitters will be deployed close to each other and everywhere.



The purpose of the EU-commission with installing 5G in Europa is to build smart cities.  A smart city is built on wireless technology where every appliances  will  communicate with every other appliances. This is the Internet of Things where all your appliances will be connected to internet. In a smart city everything will be measured and monitored: water usage, energy efficiency, traffic lights etc.   Your appliances in your home will be connected to your smart meter which will collect your data (the appliances will have smart microchips in them).

In the smart city we find A.I. which will collect data and provide analysis. A.I. will control our energy-use and our greenhouse gas emissions and the heating of our houses.  The smart city will have Big Data – the data will flow over the borders,  also in the field of health. Drones will monitor traffic flows. You will have self-driving cars. You will have health monitoring. The EU-commission wants e-identification for every EU-citizen. Insurance companies will be able to monitor subscribers.

 The smart city is based on United Nations Agenda 2030 and sustainable development.EU 5g smart cities

The purpose of the EU-commission is to built smart cities all over EU. In a smart city everything will be connected with the Internet of Things.

Video above: Elon Musk and his project Starlink will have 20 000 satellites orbit the planet which is part of the 5G-system. The purpose is to cover the whole planet with 5G. 

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  1. How about fucking no?! We don’t want it ! Because it harms humans and environment!

  2. Bruce Cain | 2019-07-03 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    An interview with Bruce Cain about 5G and Global/Local activism [07/02/2019, 77′]
    Great interview with Ahava from Israel — to Bruce (MI, USA) on the growing global movement against 5G/Smart Meters
    Some of Cain’s essays on 5G can be found in the notes below the video.

    Read the Essay: Template for activists to demand an end to 5G and Smart Meters
    Stop 5G – Stop Smart Meters. Go to your City Council and say “I will not be subjected to a 5G Lab Experiment.”
    Bruce Cain. Dearborn Heights City Council Meeting results in special study session on 5G. (05/14/2019)
    Bruce Cain discusses dangers of 5G and Censorship. Dearborn City Council Meeting (May 21, 2019)
    My discussion begins at 45:05

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