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May 2018

5g is rolling out over the world. 

5g is rolling out over the world in a coordinated manner. Our governmental agencies that are supposed to protect us instead works for the telecom industry. 5g means high exposure from radiation. In the video below Kevin Mottus from California Brain Tumor Association gives his view regarding 5g.

Kevin Mottus says that 220 doctors and scientists from 39 countries have looked at health effects from wireless radiation. They can clearly say that wireless radiation can cause cancer, neurological problems, immune systems disorders and reproductive harm. People are developing brain tumors from their cellphones and people are developing neurological symptoms from the WI-Fi. Smart meters also create this effects. Smart meters are wireless meters that are put on people’s homes.



Now they’re rolling out the 5g technology worldwide. 5g technology is very different from 2g, 3g and 4g.  The wireless radiation in 5g is using a higher frequency. Our current wireless technology uses about one gigahertz to four gigahertz. The 5g technology is ultra-high frequency and its 24 gigahertz to 90 gigahertz. Kevin Mottus says that people are already getting sick from the lover frequencies. The new ultra-high frequencies are going to bring people to disease quicker and in more intense form.  The other problem with 5g-technology is these microwaves are very short. They don’t travel very well so they’re gonna have to put a little cell tower transmitter in front of every two to ten homes. This is a big problem because we know that cancer rates around regular cell towers are about three or four times what they normally should be. We also know that there’s neurological symptoms increases as you get closer and closer to a cell tower. These new transmitters are going to be placed close to people’s homes. It’s going to be continuous exposure as with other cell towers.


People need to understand that the FCC is pushing this technology nationwide. The FCC is dominated by the wireless industry itself. The FCC is the people who are given the responsibility and privilege of regulating wireless radiation human exposure standards.  We have a huge conflict of interest. The EPA’s scientists studied this area and showed just what we’re seeing. That wireless radiation can increase cancer, neurological problems, reproductive harm and immune systems problems. What we have now is a FCC that has set a thermal standard. The problem with that is that is misses what happens non thermally or sub thermally. Our scientists can show and prove  is that wireless radiation can damage cells and damage our DNA  leading to cancer and other serious pathologies below thermal.  so we have the FCC setting a standard that really avoids the problem. This means that whenever they roll out new wireless technology, whenever they’re questioned about the safety of 5g, they will point to the FCC guidelines and say that what they’re doing is well within or below the FCC guidelines. FCCs guidelines are relatively useless in terms of protecting the public health.


There’s a consensus that 5g  is dangerous. The title of the study is ‘oxidative  mechanisms of biological activity of low intensity radio-frequency radiation’. This study says that wireless radiation below thermal can damage DNA leading to serious pathologies.  The telecom industry claims that these health effects don’t exist and that’s ridiculous because we’re now at the point where  we have consensus on this. What do we need for people to do? People need to educate themselves. Because the agencies that are supposed to be warning us, that are supposed to be educating us (like the FCC) are not doing that. Two websites you can look at is  and  These are two scientific sites regarding 5g. The telecom industry is investing billions of dollars in hiding health effects. They’re funding their own studies in putting the experts that they believe in positions of power. They’re also infiltrating agencies that are supposed to protect public health so that they can state that there is no issue regarding health effects.


The Mobile Now Act violates our rights of safety and security of our home. It violates our rights to protect our family. The act violates our basic human right to live healthy and safely in our own homes. Contact your senator. The telecom industry and FCC has been pushing to pull up landlines when there’s a wireless connection available. That’s forcing people to use more wireless and maximizing our exposure. We can look at these frequencies before we roll them out, before we expose our population for biological effects. We can find frequencies that are less harmful to the body, less bio active.  But the industry has no motivation to make sure that these technology is safe before they roll it out. They have complete control of the mechanism by controlling the FCC. People needs to understand that the FCC Commission is made up of wireless industry insiders, wireless entrepreneurs, a Verizon attorney, the previous president of the wireless trade organization. And this has been happening for the  two decades. This conflict of interest to the point of criminality can not continue. The FCC is putting this wireless transmitters in your children’s schools near, your children’s home with 5g under the guise that the FCC says it’s safe when they gave no one qualified to say so. We need to do something about it.


What can you do to protect yourself? If you use a cell phone, you can use a wired headset. That keeps the microwave transmitter away from your head. If you hold a smart phone to your head you are literally microwave radiating your head. The industry had done an amazing job separating  the benefits of this technology from how it works. Wireless transmitters are microwaves transmitters, two-way microwave transmitters. When you use a laptop or computer  that is connected via a wire, turn off the Wi-fi in your computer because that’s a transmitter too. Use wired connections for a keyboard and mouse to keep to keep yourself away from the computer itself because the computer itself has an electromagnetic field around it. That field drops off at about eight or ten inches.

The problem with wireless is it has the same issue as power lines  which have long been shown to increase leukemia on children when you’re close to them. Wireless takes the same kind of electromagnetic field and distribute it into the environment so you can’t get away from it. Do not sleep with your cellphone next to your head because the phone pings to the tower every 30 seconds. Decreases in melatonin have been shown related to electromagnetic fields, it affects sleep. Melatonin plays a part in the fight against cancer.  Do not have your cell phone next to your bed turned on. Portable cordless phones have this similar issue as cell phones. When you hold the headset to your head it’s transmitting through microwaves and those microwaves can cause brain cancer. Use instead phones with wired connections. The portable phones transmit all the time. they seem to use a frequency that is very disturbing to the body.  Turn off Wi-Fi for night so you can sleep. 


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