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 In 2017 there will be a presidental election in France. Marine Le Pen from the National Front will be one of the combatants.
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FRANCE 2017. France will have presidential election in april and may 2017. Marine Le Pen is one of the combatants that will fight for the presidency. Marine Le Pen is president for the party National Front. When I read Marine Le Pens politic there is much that I agree with. Marine Le Pen in an anti-globlist and is anti-EU. She wants to leave the eurozone. She wants to decreace the immigration. She is against the incites against Russia. She is against the restrictions from EU. She would like to leave the Schengen-treaty (which is the cause of open borders in EU). She is an advocater for France to leave EU. She has promised a referendum on France EU-membership if she become president of France. Marine Le Pen has praised brexit and Donald Trumps victory.
Marine Le Pen and the National Front have had huge success in the regional elections in France 2015. These regional elections gives a hint on how the presidential election might become.



 Will Marine Le Pen become the next president of France? I haven’t the slightest. But we will se the usual stuff. We will see main stream medias propaganda against Marine Le Pen. We will see faked polls against the National Front. We will see ”experts” telling how the election will end up. In short, we will see the samt stuff from the establishment that we saw before brexit and the victory of Donald Trump.

Marine Le Pen and the National Front wants to leave EU. The European Union has become an supranational monster that is heading in a very dark direction (a big brother society). Leaving EU is an important issue for me personally. 

Erixon: Marine Le Pen Frankrike



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