help returning ISIS-warriors

Swedish  citizens has been fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Now swedish politicians wants to support the returning IS-warriors with subsidized therapy and jobs.

 11/3 – 2015. Sweden have had citizens that has been joining IS in their fighting in Iraq and Syria. Now the IS-warrios are returning home to Sweden and some swedish politicians now wants to help these IS-fighters with government-sanctioned psychological  therapy and jobs

The politician Rasmus Persson says that ”If you have been involved in fighting with IS you need help and support because you have been experienced horrible things. They need help to process their traumatic experiences. ”

”They need help to process their traumatic experiences. ”

Rasmus Persson, politician

The politicians of the city of Örebro in Sweden has also discussed  of giving these returning IS-warriors a job in their community so that they won’t feel that they ”don’t belong to the Swedish society”.

The politician Mona Sahlin consider this helping of IS-warriors a good thing. Mona Sahlin says that she thinks that the city of Örebro is a good example of a community that is open with the fact that this is a problem and who is seeking solutions to that problem.





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