September 2017


The US has a military elite called JSOC – Joint Special Operations Command – it is directly under the White House. Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Scahill has made ??a film showing how JOSC operates and how President Barack Obama ordering murder via JSOC.

Jeremy Scahill is a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist working for the newspaper The Nation. 2013, he released the documentary: Dirty Wars – The World is a battleground that is about secret US military units JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) and about how President Barack Obama orders liquidations with JSOC. No trials, no proof, but simply a name further on America’s kill list and then drones or JSOC . JSCO reports directly to the White House.

JSOC and the killing of innocents in Gardez, Afghanistan

In the city of Gardez in Paktia province in Afghanistan there was a party. It was February 12, 2010. The village was gathered and sang and danced. Mohammed Sabir was one of them. Suddenly there were helicoptersund and the party was canceled because it wanted to see what happened. One of the partygoers – Mohammed Daoud – went out to see what was happening and he was shot dead in an instant. Before the carnage was over so had two men and three women have been shot to death, two of the women were pregnant. US troops carved out their bullets of the victims so that they could not be traced.

The US military joint JSOC had come for a visit.

When Mohammed Sabir later released, he said that his first thought was to take on a bomber jacket and engage in jihad against the United States. However, he was persuaded not to do it. One of those killed, Mohammed Daoud – who was the brother of Mohammed Sabir – was himself US-trained police officer who fought against the Taliban.


When NATO received allegations then NATO claimed that it was their own who had killed Mohammed Daoud and women. When investigative journalist Jerome Starkey (Times of London) published an article about the incident in Gardez he was publicly attacked by NATO.

The US military raids in Afghanistan is / was extensive. There is talk of around 20 raids per night. The war against Afghanistan was itself illegal. President Bush was looking for Osama bin Laden and the US said they were acting in ”self-defense” when they began a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is said that General Stanley A. McChrystal tried to reduce civilian casualties in Afghanistan through new rules (which is nice guy, hope he succeeded). Captain William Mcraven manage JSOC.


In the movie Dirty Wars – The World is a battleground Jeremy Scahill SAY further that it is President Barack Obama giving out secret directives so-called secret presidental orders and these are the one giving JSOC legitimet to kill without being held accountable. In fact, it is President Barack Obama -together with counselors – who decides which people should be liquidated. They create a so-called Kill-list of enemies. Then give Barack Obama ok JSOC – or CIA drones – to execute the kill list. No lawsuits, but simply a missile sent off and kills the ”threat”. The White House is simply lawless.

Obama and JSOC killing women and children in Al MALAJAH, YEMEN

In the town of Al Majalahi Yemen there was an attack a few years ago and 49 people were killed. Yemeni government first said that it was they who carried out the attack and that the attack had killed Al-Qaeda fighters. When Jeremy Schill visit Yemen so he interviews a tribal leader, Sheik Saleh Bin Farred. The sheikh said that the attack took the lives of 49 people. Many were women and children. Someone in Al Majalah had filmed the war zone after the attack and showed up dead child. Ie a killing babies (which I thought was hard to witness without being affected)Later it emerged that those who had been killed were innocent. There were people from a poor tribe. There was no Al Qaeda training camp, there were no weapons depots. It also found the remnants of the bombs turned out to be American. The missiles were Tomahawk cruise missiles that were shot off from a US warship off Yemen’s coast. Barack Obama ordered the attack.


A journalist named Abdulelah Haider Shaye was in place in Al Majalah and wrote an article about the attack. Abdulelah Haider Shaye was then subjected to a raid by US-trained yemenska special forces and was put in prison. Jeremy Schilling met with Abdulah One barman who was a lawyer for the journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Jeremy Schill could not meet with the lawyer Abdulah One barman in his office because the office was often shot at by Yemen’s Republican Guard. Abdulah The barman told me that when he visited Abdulelah Haider Shaye in jail, had Abdulelah Haider Shaye signs of having been subjected to ill-treatment / torture. He had a tooth pulled out, a broken tooth, and wounds on the chest.

And how unreal it may sound Abdulelah Haider Shaye became charged on terrorism and sentenced seven years in prison. Becaus of huge protests in Yemen the President Ali Abdullah Saleh changed the penalty and was about to release Abdulelah Haider Shaye from prison. then President Ali Abdullah Salehgot a personal phone call from President Barack Obama. Barack Obama was ”Concerned” over the release of Abdulelah Haider Shaye. This led to Abdulelah Haider Shaye had to remain in prison for two years in total before he was set free.


Jeremy Scahill says that there were air strikes and targeted killings in Yemen. JSOC has its own interrogation techniques which go beyond the conventional. JSOC also has full support from the White House and that the JSOC has expanded significantly during President Barack Obama’s rule.

Before the release of the documentary film Dirty Wars – The World is a battleground was about to be released so did Jeremy Scahill a phone call from James Kirby said that Jeremy was on ”thin ice” if he released the film. Jeremy Schill also states that his computer has been hacked and that parts of his hard drive was copied. In the US, there is obviously a war against investigative journalists. Level of penalties against whistleblowers tightened, metadata about journalists being investigated by the NSA.


Anwar Al-Awlaki was an American with Yemenskt origin. Anwar was only an ordinary Arabs in the United States but later began to preach jihad against the United States. He should not have done that. The first thing that happened was that Anwar Al-Awlaki ended up in jail in Yemen in isolation. There he was sitting for 17 months without trial. Anwar Al-Awlaki then ended up on Barack Obama’s kill list, and thus became a target of JSOC and the CIA.

The crimes that Anwar Al-Awlaki had done was then preaching jihad against the United States. became Anwar Al-Awlaki became enemy number one of the Unites States and media alleys laid out what a dangerous man that Anwar Al-Awlaki was. Erik Holden who was then US Attorney General said on television that the United States wanted to neutralize Anwar Al-Awlaki. He further said that the United States did its best to achieve that goal. No trials, just one more name on Obama’s Kill List. When people in Anwar Al-Awlaki close attention the US Congress ang. death threat against Anwar al-Awlaki and that he had not actually done anything illegal Congress didn’t want to listen.

Suddenly, the US drones was across Yemen. One day they found Anwar Al-Awlaki and let a missile do the job. Anwar Al-Awlaki had a son of 16 years named Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki. Two weeks after Obama’s liquidation of Anwar Al-Awlaki Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was blown up in a thousand pieces by a missile from a drone. The US said Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was collateral damage, no apology came from the United States. I wonder if Barack Obama felt happy?

Jeremy Scahill meet a source who says that the US Congress did not want to know the details of JSOC’s operations, but they just pouring billions of dollars into the JSOC program. According to Jeremy Schill as operating JSOC in up 75 different countries where they carry out their raids. Countries such as Somalia, Mali, Algeria and Panama are mentioned as examples.

US supports warlords in Somalia
Somalia is a country in ruins after years of civil conflict. There is ongoing including war between the warlords and Islamic war groups. US supports local warlords. US gives these groups a kill-list of ”Islamic terrorists” and supports clans economically. General Indah Adde is a warlord who perform jobs for the United States against payment. Mohammed Qanyare is another warlord who is on America’s paylist.

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