NATO is in the news. Right now US and NATO mobilizes troops along the borders of Russia because of ”the threat of potential Russian aggression.” But how aggressively it is not to place military forces along an enemy’s borders? Swedish politicians want to bring Sweden into NATO. Peter Hultqvist signed the host nations support with NATO, which means that Nato now have the right to conduct war from Swedish soil. Hultqvist believes that the Baltic Sea has become safer. The propaganda against Russia continues in fake news media while it ignores that the US and NATO have millions of lives on their consciences and is the cause of refugees in Europe with their illegal wars worldwide. Recently, the head of the US military European Command visiting Sweden and in the fall begins the international military exercise Aurora 17 which, among other things NATO is involved in.


NATO and the war in Libya

US and NATO war against Libya took place in 2011. The Arab Spring started demonstrations in Libya and Gaddafi responded with violence to deal with these violent demonstrations. The United States sent the CIA to Libya to arm and train the rebels. UN gave the go-ahead for NATO to intervene and stop the civil war. Sweden also took the opportunity to go to war in Libya with NATO. NATO bombs began to fall. Eventually Gaddaffi was defeated and Hillary Clinton laughed on TV when he died.


The message below came from NATO during the attack on Libya. The speech was directed primarily to the Libyan military forces.




Armed forces of the Gaddafi regime. NATO forces using United Nations resolutionto protect the civilian population. Anyone threathening civilian population or directing oters to do so will be held accountable. DO NOT target NATO vessels. Your use of civilian vessels for Military Purposes Will be Considered a threat and will be destroyed. Stay at home with your family. NATO warships are here to assist and support a United Nations Security Resolution to enforce an embargo im order to protect Libyan cililians. Do not target NATO vessels. If you target NATO vessels You will be destroyed. Officers and soldiers of the Libyan army: of Gaddafi: Gaddafi has lost the right to give you orders having been accused of the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity in Libya. This is a huge relief for you and there is no legal and moral reason any more to obey his orders.

Any Forces Involved in actions from or based military installation Will be Considered as a threat to the civilian population and Will be targeted by NATO forces. NATO has been watching you competetive. NATO knows where you are and will continue to watch you. NATO will not tolerate hostile acts against the civilan population. NATO will target and strike military equipment threatening civilians. We can strike at any time and place If you continue to endanger your people. If you’re operating military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, rocket launchers, ships and aircraft That threatens the civilians, You will be targeted new NATO. Move away from all that equipment now to Demonstrate That you mean no harm to your people. NATO does not want to kill you but if you continue to operate, Move, Maintain or remain with military eqiupment of any source, you will be targeted for destruction.


ICC and the United Nations
International Criminal Court and the United Nations has long wanted to get rid of Gaddafi. UN and the ICC is controlled by private banks and Gaddafi has been a thorn in the eye. Libya had a central bank that is not controlled by the Rothschild imperiet.Gadddafi also had plans to develop a new oil currency instead of the US dollar. The currency would be called the gold-dinar and would be used as the oil currency in Africa and the Middle East. Something that Washington clearly not tolerated. NATO said afterward that their intervention in Libya was one of the most successful oerationer ever. I wonder if the Libyan people think the same? Libya was in fact the most developed country in Africa. According to reports that Libya has become a country in turmoil after NATO’s ”successful” operation.