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Jim Marrs is a  writer and lecturer. Here he is speaking at Free Your Mind Conference in August 2015 in Philadelphia on various subjects.

Jim Marrs:

Corporateowners are killing us. There are people running this global corporations and they want you dead. We are in a corporate world and the corporations runs everything. The very definition of fascism is the combination of the state and corporate power. In Nazi-Germany and in fascist-Italy the state gained control over the corporations and it was that combination that resulted in fascism. In USA its been the other way:the corporations have gained control over the state. But the endresult is the same – fascism.



In 1952 Corporations accounted for 32 % of federal revenues. By 2013 this was less then 10 %. We have a corporate welfare and they are pushing this socialist state on us. The main reason why you never hear about all this is because there are now five major corporations that controls everything you see and hear. You have a small handful of people that control everything. And they are controlled by banks. One of my heroes is former president Thomas Jeffersson. Jeffersson said:

”If the american people ever allowe private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people”.


President Andrew Jackson called the banksters for thiefs. USA prospered up until 1913. Then by 1913 they ran in the Federal Reserve System on us. The FED is a colletion of private banks. If you wonder why we are in the shape we are. Why is this country in such a dire financial straits? Why do we owe 20 trilion dollars in debt? Because someone wants it that way. 2009 Obama signed us up on this Financial Stabilisation Board which is supposed to be standardising finances ot the world economy. So the financial policy right now is in the hand of the international bankers. And we are going to be in big trouble because we are beginning to see what happening in Greece, Irland and few other places. The banks there are still toppling.



In 2008 they took tax money, your money, to bail the banks out. Then they passed the Dodd-Frank act. And everybody went ”yeah” because that law says that you cannot use tax money to prop up failing banks. But what this means is that the banks are now gonna get the money from unsecure loans. That means your checkingaccount, your savingsaccount. When you give your money to the bank it’s not your money anymore. Legally, technically they say they now belongs to them. They gonna say: ”I’m sorry, we are having a financial problem and we have spent your hundred dollars. But you have 100 worth of dollars in stock in our bank”.

What happens when they are going to negative interest rates and they start charging you for holding money in the bank? They are already doing that. The banks use your money to make money, they loan it to other people. Under fractional banking they can loan up to 10 000 dollars on your 100 dollars.
And they get the interest on your money. I told my bank: I’m not wild on you making money on my money. I can understand that you need something for taking care of my money. But I’ll be damned if I are gonna pay you for the privilege of earning money of my money. So don’t ever try to charge me on some ”servicecharge”. And they don’t. The banks have transfer fees, usage fees and so on. This got to stop.


The other thing you have to watch out for is the Exchange Stabilisation Fund. It began in teh 1930:s as a means to transfering gold between USA and other countries. It control the New York Federal Reserve Bank. It also handles CIA:s black budget. It has been mixed up in everything from drug trafficing, Iran-Contra, and in the assasination of Kennedy. It is the architect of International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – the two leading institutions that are robbing us and taking our money. Under the National Defense Authoritysation Act the government can take control over our food, our gasoline, our transportation, over everything. One of the provisions is that the government can take control over all the water. Guess who is in charge of all the water in this country? The Secretary of Defense.

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