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Mars 2017

Seeds of Death is a documentary about GMO – genetically modified organism. The documentary is made by healthveteran Gary Null. This text below is a partial transcription of that documentary.

Every singel independent study conducted on the impact of genetically modified food shows that it damages organs, causes infertility,  causes immunesystem failure,  causes multiple systems failure. Monsanto is the company that told us that PCP was safe, that Agent Orange was safe. They told us that DDT was safe. And now they are in charge of telling us that their own genetically modified food  is safe. The reason why we have 170 million acre of GMO corn, soyabeans, cotton, sugarbeans and so forth in the United States is because that they dont have to be labeled. It has not been sufficient animal health testing, human health testing or environmental impact testing of this new transgenic fish.

Basically, they taken agriculture and built an industrial model which doesn,t fit nature. So instead of changing the agricultural model so it’s natural, they changing nature instead. If you have an organic corn crop that is next to an GMO cornfield, you are going to get your crop containimated. In the GMO revolution this seeds are now patented of one corporation called Monsanto. The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in having you well because they dont make any money if you are well. And the pharmeacutical industry is the biotech industry.

When we lock in to the lack of research of the safety of GMO-food, we comes to the conclusion that this food should not be on the market. They need another decade or two of research.  Monsanto were convicted of actually poisonng people in their town next to their PCP-factory and were  fined 700 milion dollars. The FDA doesent require a single study, they leave it to Monsanto. Why did FDA  abdicate its resposibility to protect us? The White House had instructed the FDA to promote biotech under the first Bush-administration. GMO creates allergies, toxins, new diseeas, nutritional problems. Michael Taylor allowed GMIO products on the market that means unprecidented risk for the human being and for the environment.  FDA is composed of smart people with a conflict on interest. FDA make their decision based om what will support their financial needs or their academic needs. Not what make scientific sense.

The companies is motivated to try to suppress knowledge about those negative aspects about gmo.  The companies tries to suppress governments attempts to regulate in relations to these negative aspects. The Biotech companies tries to infiltrate government and lobby government. And when you look att the Clintonadminuistration, Bush-administration and Obama. when you look at various highranking positions in the administrations of all of those presidents, you find people who work for Monsanto. Most people don’t realise that Monsanto has been around  for about a centuary. They have aquired lots of resources and they are very clever and sophisticated. They know how the game works. They understand lobby, they understand bribery. They have been effective at stagging the political strucutre of the  federal regulatory agencies in their favour. To the point that it’s almost physically imnpossible to pass any type of fereral law or regulation because the people who make those choices are in connection with the Monsanto.

The FDA have helped lead the charge for this new food safetybills. There is nothing in these bills that protect you. Instead they protect the biotech industry.And unfortunaley, if we dont stop this, you won’t see any organic farmers. The laws in these bills are so strict, so arbitrary, that if you are small organic farmer you cant meet the requirements. you’ll be out of business.  85 % of all the genetic modifeid crops in this country and around the world are designed so you can spray them with weedkillers, toxid herbicides. And who are the big companies that do this? Monsanto, Du Point, DOW, Syngenta,  Bayer.




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