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April 2017

You can read about that water is scarce in the world and in Sweden. Politicians, stakeholders and the media pours out the message. But can it be that the thesis of ”international water” is simply a myth?

GLOBALISM . There is much talk these days that there is ”water” in Sweden and in the world. You can read the lurid headlines such as ”Water shortage threatens food production” and ”Something must be done about the lack of fresh water in the world” and so on. The lack of water  in some places in the world, it is hardly any doubt but is it really that the whole planet is suffering from water shortages?


Water scarcity locally and globally

When it comes to water internationally, we mean that there are many reasons for the water shortage. There is talk, for example drought, climate change, over-consumption of water, desertification, etc. It is said that agriculture accounts for 70% of water use, and it takes a lot of water for energy production. Some say the growing population growth contributes to water shortages. Here in Sweden it is said that some causes of the water shortage is too little rain and snow, which has resulted in lower groundwater levels. In some parts of Sweden, municipalities have introduced hosepipe bans.  Some measures to tackle water shortages in Sweden has been to draw water to the affected areas. Other measures have been tanker trucks filled with water to the affected areas. There are also desalination plants in Sweden that convert sea water into potable water.

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Globalists want to privatize and ration our water.



The organization that is the source of this debate on the lack of water in the world is the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and the Food and Agriculture Organization. FAO writes, among other things following:

”National policy makers, regional and local water authorities and individual farmers must all take steps to meet these challenges. Effective systems for water calculations must be introduced , which means more accurate measurements to estimate the supply, transport and flow of water. In this way facilitated decisions about how water resources should be managed and used under different circumstances. ”

”Although knowledge regarding how climate change will affect water availability and water quality are missing in many places at the regional level, the report said. Better precision and focus needed to understand the nature, scope and field of climate change on agricultural water supply in low-income countries. To map the vulnerability is central to both national and regional levels ”.


WATER, Sweden and the EU

Here in Sweden, our EU-loving politicians written under the EU Water Framework that deals with ”sustainable and efficient water use.” EU Water Framework requires that Sweden achieves ”environmental objectives”. On the government’s side, I could read the following:

”Environmental Council adopted last October Council conclusions on sustainable water use including establishes the need to reduce water consumption in the EU and invites Member States to take action to achieve a sustainable and efficient water use. Sweden actively participated in the work to develop the Council conclusions. On the global scale, Sweden is working with water and sanitation issues in Agenda 2030, particularly in Objective No. 6 is about ensuring access to and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Sweden is also actively working on strengthening the implementation of the Paris Agreement. In the Paris Agreement has the world parties developed climate plans for how they intend to reduce their carbon footprint but also how to adapt to climate change, often with an emphasis on water ”.

Globalist Arjun Thapan says:

We need to get rid of the notion that water is an unlimited resource and a God-given right. It is inevitable that we have to put a price on it, and it must be fair.

Globalist Kevin Watkins:

Our basic view is that private investment in water supply works if there is good regulation and independent regulators who watch over prices and the whole business. But it is also publicly run water supply.


”Not flush when peeing”

Because of water shortage in the world is a ”threat”, there are many suggestions how we can reduce our consumption of water.

  •  Kenneth M Persson, research director at Sydvatten R & D says that you should not flush the toilet when peeing.
  • Researchers at the Stockholm International Water Institute, says that ”within a few decades require the world’s population, skip the meat and become vegetarians.”
  • We should eat less meat because it is in a lot of water to the animal food production.
  • We must reduce the use of fossil fuels because it is a Water guzzlers.
  • Do not water the lawns as often.



Deborah Tavaras California USA is a ”water activist” which includes operates the site ”” and is also active on the site ”” In the following video from 2015 as she speaks at a meeting of the politicians who are responsible for the water in Sonoma County in California.


”I’m Deborah Tavares from” ”. I have been talking for some time about the primary water. Primary water is a renewable resource. The created in depth and when converted to steam as it comes up to the surface. We can see examples of hot and cold sources, we can see it in geysers and we can see it in the oases. We know Gaddafi ”great manmande river project” where he arranged for 70% of Libya’s water was free based on this principle (of course, as NATO bombed down this project – Jamie’s comment). I found a document from 1976 called ”Efficient water use in California, water rights, water districts and water transfers”. This document was written with the RAND Corporation, and it was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. You’re doing business with both the Rand Corporation and the Rockefellers. I also found a document from Goldman Sachs and the document is called ”sustainable growth”. In the document, they talk about how much money it would go to the water treatment and desalination of water. ”

This is therefore a push to conquer the water markets worldwide. This project is sponsored by the World Bank and Rothschild. Nestle is also involved as well as our public authorities. There is also the ”Water Market USA” which is a secret project of England. There, they talk about plans to privatize water in the United States. And it is that which we can witness now. They mention concepts such as ”water” in order to take over and privatize when we actually have an abundance of water. Millions of people will suffer, both globally and locally. They will lose their farms as we see happening now. This creates a global water stress. Why? Because behind the facade of ”water” as is GMO -food. There is a document from the UK, talking about the possibility of creating the idea of water, then limit food production due. ‘water shortage’ and in this wake introduce GMO global ”.

”You work with Goldman Sachs – which belong Rothschilds – and you are working with the RAND Corporation and Rockefeller. You have written policies together with criminals. Water represents a multi-billion market that can be privatized and controlled. They look at water treatment and desalination as a global market. ”


Privatize and rationing water

I have no doubt that there are valid reasons why we have water shortages in some parts of Sweden, but these problems have been solved canned. The globalists are after, then, privatization and rationing our water. They conjured up fake threats such as ”future food shortages due. lack of water ” ,” water will not be enough in the future ” , and so on. They also suggest that we use too much water and we have to economize even though it is obvious that it is a pure scam that water is scarce. They blame the imaginary water shortage on climate change, which is nothing more than fake science.

They will want to privatize water management. Be prepared to open your wallet – it’s going to become expensive. They will want us to ration our water – because there is a ”water world” and because ”people die because of water shortages,” etc. They will want to install ”smart meters” in our homes that measure our water. We spend too much water, we get a large bill, or cuts off the water. Water will be a luxury, and it is the globalists who will decide about it. They will obviously increase the cost of water ”for the environment” and it will be really expensive water. And we will not have any say about because ”the EU directives say that …”. They will also want to introduce taxes on water consumption. The tax money will go to ”mitigate climate change.”

We’re about to be blown big time.


As with everything else related to the environment and climate to do so, this is based on the UN’s Agenda 2030. The UN’s Agenda 2030 sounds beautiful but is about creating a big brother-society and they use fake evidence on the environment as a threat. Everything is fake news. They want private organizations such as the World-Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization, etc. should govern our lives. They will in turn be controlled by the United Nations. UN makes things look good on the surface but the UN is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thanks to EU membership, we are bound to WTO rules and it is not a positive development.