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June 2018

The European Parliament Election  for the European Union will be held in may 2019. What kind of EU do you want?

The European Parliament election within EU will be held in may 2019.  The European Parliament (EP) within EU is a co-legislator with the Council of the European Union. EP also decides about the EU-budget. The EP consists om members from EU:s all 28 member states. The larger the EU-country is, the more MEPs that country will have in EP.

The European Parliament is the only elected institution within EU:s 7 institutions.   The parliament consists of 751 elected members which represents you in EU. They are called Members of the European Parliaments (MEPs). Members to the EP are elected every five-year. The political group which receives the most vote can elect the coming  EU-commissioner.

The European Parliament consists of 8 political groups. These groups are: EPP, S&D, ECR, ALDE, GUE/NGL, Greens/EFA, EFDD, END and NI (NI = Non-Inscrits,  is a group of MEPs without a political group). The European Parliament election will be held after United Kingdoms withdrawal from EU (congratulations  England).


Do you like the EU? Good for you but I don’t. And when you look at the elections in Europe the last couple of years it’s quite obvious that there is a big euroscepticism rising. Maybe this thing with a supranational bureaucratic EU wasn’t such a good idea after all. If you’re a eurosceptic there is only two political groups in the European parliament to vote for. These groups are ENF and EFDD.


european parliamental election 2019_populism_nigel farage_EU-election
The ENF wants less of Brussels and more of independent nations.

One eurosceptic group is ENF – Europe of Nations and Freedom Group. ENF consists of Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), Flemish Interest (VB), National Front (FN) from France, Lega (LN) Italy, Party for Freedom (PVV) Netherlands, Congress of the New Right (KNP) Poland, UKIP (England). The Co-presidents for ENF are Nicholas Bay and Marcel de Graaff.

ENF in the European parliament. ENF stands for less EU, more national sovereignty and getting rid of the euro. Co-president Marcel de Graaff lays out the standpoint from ENF:

We want a Europe of sovereign states. We want a free Europe. We want a Europe that respects national individuality and national identity.

Our European cultures, our values and our freedom are under attack. They are threatened by the crushing and dictatorial powers of the European Union. They are threatened by mass immigration, by open borders and by a single European currency: one size does not fit all.

Nation states must be able to establish their own budgets, draw up their own laws, take control over their own borders, protect their own languages and cultures and have their own currencies. Therefore we want a different kind of cooperation.

The EU cannot deal with differences because it does not want sovereign nation states. But actually the foundation of the success of Europe has been the differences between states resulting from competition, cooperation, conflicts and peace. Beneath the surface of all the differences, there is the huge undercurrent of our common cultural heritage. Anyone who acknowledges the importance of our common legacy also acknowledges our differences and appreciates the significance of sovereign states.

We stand for a Europe of economic cooperation between nation states.

End of quote.

Video below: Matteo Salvini and his party Lega from Italy is part of ENF.



The other eurosceptic group is Europe of Freedom and Directdemocracy (EFDD) which is led by Nigel Farage. EFDD consists of : The Free French, The Patriots, Debout La France (France),   Party of Free citizens (Czech republic), Alternative for Germany   Five Star Movement, Lega (Italy),  Order and Justice (Lithuania):,  Swedish Democrats, UKIP (U.K.).

EFDD_eu valet 2019_rösta på_sverigedemokraterna
EFDD in the European Parliament.

EFDD writes:

Greatly divergent economies cannot be held together in a single currency union, and it is blatantly clear that the Euro zone is not an optimal currency zone. Holding the economies of Greece and Germany for instance in a currency union is like a man holding two melons together in one hand.

The euro was adopted for reasons of political ideology of EU centralisation and is regarded as sacrosanct by those federalists who proposed it. However from an economical and financial perspective it is indefensible. It is almost as if the Euro was purposely misconstrued from the beginning in order to engineer a financial crisis.

EU centralisers could then use it as an excuse to demand more power for Brussels and Frankfurt. When you look at the consequences of the Euro, ask the simple question – who has gained and who has lost? It is the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels and Frankfurt who have gained power while it is millions of ordinary people in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland who have lost their jobs, their wealth and their hopes. It was inappropriate interest rates in Spain and Ireland for instance, allied to free-for-all migration that led to a building boom which ended in an inevitable bust, and mass unemployment.

End of quote.

Video below: Nigel Farage is head of EFDD. In the video below he expresses his gratitude over Brexit.



 The open borders-policy of the European Union has become a disaster because of the influx of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. When a EU-nation tries to close its borders to stop the immigration-invasion the EU complains and says that the country must ”follow international rules”. What a joke. The mass immigration in Europe is a threath to all nations.

Because of the fact that many EU-member states has the euro as its currency the nations are restricted to handle their own financial situation. Instead it’s the ECB that make the rules. The result is that many countries welfare are now being slaughtered, wages are being dumped, institutions are getting privatized , jobs are being lost and so on. This is what happens when a nation give away their power to decide over their own currency to EU.

The EU is pushing censorship on internet and social media. They give social media 24 hours to get rid of ”hate speech”. What happened with the justice system who is supposed to handle things like this. The fact that EU is demanding social media to get rid of unpleasant opinion shows that the EU doesn’t support free speech. The EU is also pushing Google and YouTube to get rid of ”hate speech”. The result is that YouTube is deleting YouTube-accounts like never before. This is censorship. The EU is already censoring the internet with rules like ”the right to be forgotten”.

EU is pushing the biggest fraud of them all – the climate change fraud. When you examine the so-called climate change theories or global warming theories they have more faults in them than you could imagine. The EU want us to change all of our way of living because of the so-called climate change. We should not eat meat, we should not drive fossel-driven cars, we should not waste water, we should lower our energy-consumption, we should not do this and we should not do that.  What a great way to take control over a people.

In country after country in Europe we see the rise of populist political parties. Why? Because they don’t like globalism and the supranational role of the European Union. The rise of populism is a natural reaction. You can understand that I won’t be surprised if the European Parliamental election 2019 will see the rise of Euroscepticism in the European Parliament.

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