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The big brother of EU has voted for a resolution which has the purpose of ”fighting russian propaganda”. At the same time Angela Merkel is advocating regulations against ”fake news”. 

BIG BROTHER. The big brother of EU has voted for a resolution that has the purpose of ”fighting russian propaganda”. Two media that is targeted is RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik. EU says that these meida ”spreads obviously false news”. EU-parlament says that ”Kreml supports political parties in west that oppose EU”. EU is ”seriously concerned” by the desinformation and propaganda which will increase the russian influence and which has the purpose of break up EU. EU-parlament even says that russian propaganda can be compared to ISIS propaganda. EU-parlament means that Russia have ”financed oppositional groups inside EU which has the purpose of splitting EU”. EU also means that Russia has ”internet-trolls” which challange ”democratic values”.


EU-parlamentarian Anna Fotyga is an ambitious russophob. She says:

”The Russian government is employing a wide range of tools and instruments. Such as think-tanks, multilingual TV stations, pseudonews-agencies, multimedia service, social media and internet trolls to challenge democratic values, divide Europe, gather domestic support and create the perception of failed states in the EU’s eastern neighborhood”.

Valdimir Putin rejects the accusations but at the same time says:

”I would like to thank our journalists and mediarepresentatives which has succeeded in getting the european rulers been forced to make a decision like this. It’s a proof that they are doing their job actively, productively and with great talent”.

In the below video you can see MP’s of EU and their russophobia. They are working directly for the USA.


The superglobalist Angela Merkel has concerns over the free speech on the internet. She says that ”regulation” of the alternative media might be necessary.

”Today we have fake sites, robotprogram and trolls. These regenerate themselves, they stand for regular opinions after specific algoritms. Vi must learn to tackle these. Vi can’t underestimate internet and digitisation, it’s a part of our reality. Vi have regulations for journalists and press which give them freedom and rules to work after. Today we experience that our media is based on other foundations and is missing regulation. Public opinion gets manipulated on the internet. The political debate is taking place on other media. The opinion gets formed on a totally different way than 25 years ago. We must confront this phenomenon and if necessary – regulate it”.

Angela Merkel works together with IT-gigants like Facebook and Google. Merkel & Co want these companies to regulate ”fake news”. Merkel & Co concern on this subject is based on the fact that the US-election got influended by alternative media and news on social platforms. Google and Facebook are working to make sure that ”fake sites” doesn’t get ad revenue from them. (tip: use Startpage or Duckduckgo as searchengines to get free from the surveillance-societies that Google represents).


Angela Merkel has falling support in her own country after the immigration-wreckage and due to other factors. The political party AdF (Alternative for Deutschland) is gaining support and could be a threat for Merkels party CDU in the german election 2017.  And of course if would be bad for business if the people got other news then from mainstream media.


The fact that the big brother of EU wants to censor internet isn’t that surprising. As they say themselves – social media and alterntative sites have had an influence on the US election.   I myself sometimes watch RT and I can agree that if feels nice to listen to news that isn’t controlled by the west. One thing that scares me though is that we have MP:s inside the EU-parlament which is advocating war against Russia. Are these persons on the payroll of the USA or what? Lock at the RT-video and make your own opinion if this is good or bad.

The stuff that Anna Fotyga writes is laughable. Fact is that it is USA – and probably EU – that uses think-tanks, TV, fake news, social media and trolls to spread their antirussian message. And being critical against the EU is just common sense (if you don’t like a totalitarian state that is of course).

Don’t forget the globalist Geroge Soros. His speciality is to manipulate and influence elections. He has paid people to demonstrate against Trump.

The European Union is a ship that deserves to be sank. Otherwise we will all just be a number in the bureaucratic mess of Brussels. And I don’t want to go that way.



Daily Express: Angerla Merkel concerned by ”fake news”


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