May 2017

Internal border controls in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Norway has been extended twice but now these controls may permanently be deleted says our dear European Commission. This opens the door for even more refugee flows to Sweden. The Schengen-Agreement and the EU’s free movement has shown its true face.


The Swedish government implemented mass immigration in Sweden in 2015. Finally the Social Democrats realised that the quantity of the influx of refugees was not sustainable so they introducuced internal border controls. The European Commission has recently (May 2017) ordered Sweden and four other countries to remove internal border controls. The European Commission will not approve renewal of border controls for Sweden and other countries.

EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopolous justifies this by commanding:

– The free movement within the EU is one of our greatest successes.


Within the EU, there is ”freedom of movement”. On  the site EU Information Center, I found the following:

”One of the EU’s basic principles is that there should be free movement of people. This means that EU citizens have the right to travel to another EU country and to stay there for a longer or shorter time. Schengen cooperation complements the rules on free movement. It means that passport controls have been removed when traveling within the Schengen area, but the member states have the right to introduce temporary border controls”.

So it is the Schengen Agreement, which has removed the borders and border controls within the EU. Ultimately, it is the European Commission that decides whether the Member States border control.The reason we have so many beggars from Romania and Bulgaria here in Sweden is due to the Schengen-Agreement.

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The reason we have so many beggars depends on the Schengen-Agreement and the EU’s free movement.



Peter Lundgren is a Swedish  Democrat and EU parliamentarian. He belongs to the Eurosceptic group in the European Parliament called EFDD (European for Direct Democracy). In the following video from the European Parliament he give his views on the matter on the mass immigration to Sweden and the Schengen-treaty.

Despite  your beautiful words in this House this naivety in this matter has to  end. There is of course a limit to the problems of excessive immigration eventually becomes overwhelming of a country. Unaccompanied children who clearly is considerably older than the age of what they’re saying, it is reported daily in the media in my country. Girls are harassed daily in the bathhouse.

Just recently,  a 22 year old woman  wasbrutally murdered by a so-called unaccompanied refugee who claims to be 15 years old. It is a great shame that you in this House in no way wants to address these problems. In Sweden we have reached the limit now. We have no jobs, housing or money to handle this mass immigration we experienced last year. The Schengen-treaty falls and I’m happy for that. The EU is a failure that is becoming increasingly evident to the people of Europe ”.

end quote.

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I have nothing against a Swexit



Right now  EU pushes to harmonize refugee policies in the EU – ie trying to introduce uniform rules throughout the EU and allocate refugee quotas. If they get their way, it will mean that the EU will determine the Swedish refugee policy. Do we really want that? The one who pushes the harmonization of the EU’s Liberals Cecilia Wikström (thanks for the Liberals). EU solution is always more European, more control, more supervision, greater harmonization and so on. And when things go well for the EU it goes bad for a country’s sovereignty and the freedom of citizens.

Sweden should, in other words, run for its life and leave the Schengen Agreement. Sweden should leave the EU because otherwise the EU will decide over Sweden. The EU wants to decide everything: Swedish energy policy, Swedish housing policy, Swedish wages,  swedish welfare , Swedish pensions etc. Kent Ekeroth mentioned on Facebook that he wanted to scrap the right of asylum, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

Stefan Löfven is an EU-hugger of the highest order as the only solutions he brings is more EU. Why did Stefan Löfven implement mass immigration t? Because he wanted to prove ”good” to  his buddies in Brussels. Many believe that the EU and the globalists are using refugees as a means to build its world government, and it seems to be the case. George Soros for example, supports refugee crisis with huge sums and call everyone  racists who oppose mass immigration. If Sweden wants to have control over its borders back then  Swexit is the solution.

Swexit – yes please.



EFDD Group in the European Parliament