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In the video below Julia Reid from EFDD-group in EU-parliament consider that each memberstate should decide for themselves if they want GMO products or not.


Julia Reed:

Mr President, we support the proposal for the revision on current EU-regulation on the authorisationsystem om GMO products in Europe. We believe that each member state should have the power to opt out and decide if it wishes to restrict or prohibit the use of GMO food its own country. And even so we do not agree with the restrictives put in place by the EU-commission, with respect to opting out. In particular we think that each member state should have the right to ban the product if its representives belives that the product could be a danger to human and animal health, or to the environment.

There is a lack of transparency and it’s impossible to access dato of independent  research. And to be honest, the dubious test method used for GMO. In short, we believe that the prior risk assesment uses by EFSA is too short and risky. All documents used for the prior evaluation should be avaiable for independent research and each memberstate should be able to take such crucial desicions without interference of the unelected bureaucrates in Bryssels

Julia Reid is part of the EU-skeptical EFFD group in European Parliament. She is an UKIP politican.

There is an European Parliament election in 2019.



EFFD and Julia Reid

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