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The EFDD-gropu in the EU-parliament says on their homepage”…from an economic viewpoint it almost looks like the Euro vas deliberately designed to create a finacial crisis”.

In the same artcle they say:

”In later years the EU-commission has set out a proposal of ”contractual arrangements” between distressed Member States and the Commission. This proposal really means that all future elections in these states would be irrelevant. It’s a very sad day on the continent where democracy was born”.



EFDD stands for Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy. It’s a EU-skeptic group in the EU-parlament. EFDD has for the moment 44 members of 751 in the European Parliament. In EFDD you can find english UKIP, the Swedish Democrates, Party of Free Citizens from Czech Republic, Alternative for Germany, Order and Justice from Lithuania, Five Star Movement from italy, and Korwin from Polen.

EFDD writes on their homepage:

”The group favors an open, transparent, democratic and accountable co-operation among sovereign European States and rejects the bureaucratisation of Europe and the creation of a singel centralised European superstate”.

The two leaders of EFDD is Nigel Farage and David Borrelli. Nigel Farage has been an EU-MEP since 1999 and has pushed on England to leave EU since the start.



”Referendums doesn’t change anything”. That’s quite a remarkable statement from the german politician Wolfgand Schauble. The EU-Commissions president Jean-Claude Juncker has said:

”The european treaties is above all democratic referendums”.

In the video below Nigel Farage says his viewpoint on this subject and he also talks about the referendum in Greece regarding loans to the country. A referendum which led to a continoud slavery to the international bankmafia.


There will be an EU-referendum in 2019


EFDD on the Euro

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