>John Brennan talks about  Strategic Aerosol Injection.

John Brennan:

”Another example of technologies is the one which is called geoengineering. These techniques kan be used to alter global warming change. One method is called Strategical Aerosol Injection – SAI. SAI is a method of filling the athmosphere with particles that reflects the suns heat. Strategic Aerosol Injection can halt global temperature increases. It can also give nations some time to leave fossel fuels behind.

To reduce greenhouseeffect has to be in connection with other things that has to do with climate changes, such as the oceans. Strategical Aerosol Injections by itself won’t be able to get rid of the greenhousegases from the atmosphere. SAI is expensive and costs about 10 bilion dollars yearly.

The techniques of geoengineering kan alter the weather pattern at a geografical spot on behalf of another geografical spot. This could create protests from some people.  Unfortunately we are missing norms and global rules to implement Strategic Aerosol Injection together with other metohods of changing the climate.”


Metabunk: John Brennan CIA talks about chemtrails /Strategic Aerosol Injections



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