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Unfortunately Wallonia gave up and finally signed the CETA-treaty. But that doesn’t mean that everything is lost.
 Wallonia submitted and signed the CETA-treaty. But it’s not over yet. CETA will go into effect provisional but it has to be ratified in 38 national and regional parlaments. This process could take several years.

Greenpeace doesn’t think that CETA will get ratified:

– This treaty will probably not survive the ratificationprocess during the coming months, says Shira Stando Grenpeace.

Unfortunately the political situation in the Swedish parlament is that it likely will ratify CETA. We have a globalist named Stefan Löfven who just love EU. But there is no doubt that there are many countries that dislike CETA and it’s doubtful it they will ratify it.

The swedish EU-MP Christoffer Fjellner didn’t like the idea that CETA was to be a mixed treaty. Because that means that every membernation has to ratify it instead of letting EU just ratify it without the consent of the memberstates. It looks like Christoffer Fjellner isn’t much in for democracy.

The prime minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven were saying in tv that ICS/ISDS ”wasn’t of any concern any more because it had been  a change in the treaty so the problem didn’t exist”. That is not true.

I hope that the parlaments and regions that dislike CETA can withstand the pressaure from the establishment.



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