Is carbon dioxide causing climate changes? Not according to the professors in the video below.

Professor Ian Clark – University of Ottawa

– If we look at climate at the geological timeframe, we would never suspect CO2 as a major climatedriver. We can’t say that CO2 drive climate. It certainly never did in the past.

Dr Piers Corbyn.

– None of the major climate changes in the last 1000 years can be explained by CO2.

Professor John Christy.

– I often heard there is a consensus of thousand of scientists on the global warming issue. That the humans are causing a catastrophic change in the climatesystem. Well I’m one scientist – and there are many – that think that is not true.



Former vice-president Al Gores emotional film An Inconvenient Truth is regarded by many as the definitive popular presentation of the theory of man made global warming. His argument rest on one all-important piece of evidence taken from ice survey in which scientists drilled deeply inte the ice to look back into earths climatehistory hundred of thousands of years. The first icecore survey took place in Vostok, in the antarctic. What it found, as Al Gore correctly points out, was a clear correlation between carbondioxide and temperature.

Al Gore says: when there is more carbondioxide, the temperature gets warmer.

Al Gore says that the relationship between CO2 and temperature are complicated. But he doesn’t say what these complications are. In fact, there was something very important in the icecore data that he failed to mention.

Professor Ian Clark

– When we look at climate on longscales, we’re looking for geological material that actually records the climate. If we take an icesample for example, we use isotopes to reconstruct temperature. The atmoshphere that’s imprisoned in this ice, we liberate and then we look at the CO2 content.

Professor Clark and others have indeed discovered, as Al Gore says, a link between carbon dioxide and temeprature. But what Al Gores doesn’t say is that the link is the wrong way round.

Professor Ian Clark.

– So here we’re looking at the ice-core record from VostoK. And in the red we see temperature going up from early time til later time, at a very key intervall and we
came out of a glaciation. And we see the temperature going up. And then we see the CO2 coming up. CO2 lags behind that increase. Its got a 800-year lag. so temperature is leading CO2 by 800 years.
There have now been several ice core surveys and everyone of them shows the same thing. The temperatures rises or falls and then after a few hundred years, carbon dioxide follows.
– So obviously carbon dioxide is not the cause ot that warming. In fact, we can say that the warming produced the increased carbon dioxide.

Professor Ian Clark:

– CO2 clearly can not be causing temperature changes. It’s a product of temperature chagnes. It following temerpaute changes. Ice ice-core record goes to the very heart of the problem that we have here. They said: If the CO2 increases in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, then the temperature will go up. But the ice-core record shows the exact opposite. So the fundamental assumption of the theory of the climate change through the humans, is shown to be wrong.