Mars 2018

In oktober 2017 large fires broke out in Californa creating great havoc. In 2018 new wild fires has broken out. In the video below Jordan Sather from Destroyingtheillusion talks about the fact that the fires in California could have been underpropped by directed enery weapons.


Jordan Sather:

There are way to many occurences and to many anomalies going on with these California fires. Even the fires in Northern California a couple a months ago. Beginning with the Northern Californina fires a couple a months ago. People were reporting metal literally being melted, melting of cars. Metals shouldn’t melt in normal brush fires. We had people getting photographic evidence of trees burning from the inside out. Its like the trees are being cooked from the inside and you still have the bark showing around the outsides of these trees. This made people believe that directed energy weapons were being used on these fires. You have pictures of trees still standing right next to homes that were obliterated by the fires. Why was this fire så choosy?

Here the other day I stumbled across evidence of that being literally geoengineering on the weather patterns around northern California. Its as if to dry it out purposely for these fires to take place and be very large. I have some screenshots from Dane Wigingtons Youtube channel. Dane Wigington is the head of that does a lot of great reporting on that topic. As yoy can see on this picure there is a huge lack of moisture around California. There is lack of clouds, lack of anything. This is not a normal weather pattern behaviour. On this other screenshot you can see this moisture map and ther’s no moisture around California. On Dane Wigingtons video you can see the ionopspheric heating that was done to keep this moisture out of California. And how it created these wierd weather patterns that are not normal or natural at all.

This is evidence there is being geoengineering around California to make it even more dry than it already is. There are photographic evidence of blue lasers. These blue lasers are directed energy beams that comes from the Northern California fires in october 2017. The photos shows a ray emanating from the atmoshpere. There are many eyewitness testimony discussing how people are seeing blue lasers come down. This is evidence that directed energy weapons are being utilized. It looks like there is a war against humanity, a war against people in these urban environments being waged in California.

The directed energy weapons are real and have been had by the military-industrial-complex for years. And understand that anything that is told to you on the public record are many years old news. It definitely looks like these directed energy weapons are used in the California fires. The military-insustrial-complex also have what’s called scalar weaponry which are faster than the speed of light.