EU  has suggested tightening the control over financial transmission over our borders. Our freedom decreases due to EU:s ”figth against terrorism”.

MONEY CONTROL. EU-commission wants to tighten the rules regarding money and precious metals. They use the terroristattack in Germany as a reason why. EU wants to tighten the rules against transportation of money and precious metals when these comes to EU. The reason is that they wants to ”shut down the funding of militant attacks in EU.”

If this proposal passes then the EU-countries kan tighten the control regarding cash and prepaid cards that is being sent via post or shipping. EU wants that the authorities can seize cash or precious metals that is owned by ”suspicious individiuals” that is arraving to a EU-country. If you enter an EU-country and have over 10 000 euros with you, you have to declare this at the customs. The new rules from the EU-commission involves that authorities can seize cash that is below that sum if there is ”suspicions of criminal acticvity”.



EU-represants has said that the latest terroristattacks in Europe has been done with limitied resources thas has been sent from criminal networks outside EU. EU also plans to put up a ”Terrorist finance tracking program” like they have with USA (TFTP).

EU Security commissioner Julian King says:

”There are many ways to transport money and all these ways are not included in the EU-US system”.

EU-commission also suggests rules for all EU-countries that will freeze terrorists financial resources and seize those assets that they consider belong to criminal allies. Brussel also wants common rules on moneylaundring so that criminals won’t exploit different rules inside EU-countries.  Intelligence agencies inside EU-countries will be able to exchange information more efficient. This has to be passed by EU:s memberstates and the EU-parliament to become a law. EU-commission also wants tighten control on virtual currencies like bitcoin and prepaid cards. French authorities says that this kind of means was used in Parisattacks (without proof of course).The person who owns a prepaid card must show id if there is more than 150 euro on the card. All EU-states has backed this proposal.



EU and other globalist organisations uses terroracts and similar things to limit our freedom. Every time there is a terroristattack you will hear EU proposals that limits our freedom and that is heading to a supercontrolled society (which is the plan of the EU). They want supercontrol over our money and precious metals and they use terrorattacks as an excuse. It is we citizens that are the targets, not the terrorists.

The reason why EU wants to have supercontrol over our money isn’t that strange. EU is basically created by private banks and they wants to rule the world with full control over our money. Most of the banks in the world are private, they are not governmental. Federal Reserve Bank for exemple is privata and dominated by Rockefellers and Rothschilds. These banks expand in power because  they modus operandi is to create money out of thin air which they put us in debt with. They create financial crises on demand and they are working to create a world currency. But only those people of the world that complies with the new world order can use this new currency. Any ”brawler” will has his or her bankaccount closed.  The banks is having a war on cash since they lose money on it and it’s more difficult to control people when they have physical money.

Imagine yourself if we get ourself  a cashless society. In that case, make sure you are friend with your local bank or otherwise they will freeze your account. Thas has happened and will happen again.



Watch out for EU:s black list. If you or your organisation is on the black list your accounts will be closed and your assets will be confiscated. Be aware of being critical against EU. Your site will be labeled ”fake news” and will be shut down for ”everybodys security” or because of ”the spreading of misleading news” or maybe because your site ”doesn’t conform to EU:s values”. Remember that our bankaccounts is now wide opoen for everyone inside EU to sneak into because of the ”fight against terrorism”. If your ”behaviour” on your bankaccount is ”suspicious” the bank will report to the Financepolice.

Right now there is an antiestablishment movement that is waking up over the world. We have seen brexit and we have seen Trump winning. It isn’t that difficult to understand why this revolution is happening. People are realising that they are being fooled by an powerelite.

And talking about the terrorattack in Germany when a person used a truck to kill people. The police found id-cards in the truck so that they could identify him. What kind of terrorist have id-cards with him when they are planning an attack? The suspected also got shot dead before he could be interrogated. Was this whole thing a false flag attack?

In Sweden we will have an parlamentelection in 2018. This election might be the last democratic election of Sweden.  Because if Sweden gets another government that is EU-friendly, then one can ask how much sovreignity Sweden will have after four more years. The current government in Sweden obeys everything that EU says to them. They are a disaster. Remember that EU wants to ”harmonise” the EU-memberstates. This means that they will have common rules in every political area. When that happens all our sovreignity will be lost and we are in a supercontrolled big brother society.

EU needs to go down, there is no other option.

May the force be with us.



Reuters: EU and money control